Street Vendor Abuse: Video Shows Man Trashing L.A. Fruit Cart

Another day, another inexplicably angry white guy acting irrationally angry over hard-working immigrants working hard.

The latest incident was witnessed by anonymous, progressive YouTube creator The Unknown Resister on a drive back from seeing a friend in L.A. and was brought to our attention by Stand For Better on a video posted to Twitter on February 27.

On an undisclosed street in L.A., the Resister arrived on the scene just as some John Kerry-lookalike in a Cal hat and “Run to Remember” shirt was finishing his attack on a fruit vendors’ cart while on a walk with his dog through the neighborhood. As the man tosses strawberries and stone fruit all over the block he claims to be “protecting,” the vendor stands there stunned, before a few onlookers, no doubt embarrassed yet again by grandpa’s casual racism, help him with the clean-up.

Not trying to hear it, another concerned party with a soft spot for Gordon Lightfoot rolled up on the man in his car, finding him still absolutely infuriated over the audacity of finding wholesome food that takes a lot of effort to grow sold in his neighborhood.

“I told them repeatedly to get the fuck out of my neighborhood,” he shouts at the phone-wielding driver from the sidewalk, making clear he’s called the police and feels he had a “legitimate right” to physically throw all the fresh fruit to the ground.

“Stolen fruit!” he cries in vain. “It’s stolen fruit… I don’t want that in my neighborhood!”

When asked his name, the anti-immigrant offender merely says, “fuck you! Mind your own business.”

We hate leaving a question hanging in the air, of course. This is where we hope you, humble reader with their eyes on Los Angeles, can help fill in the blanks, and facilitate all local urges to netbang on this narc in our latest episode of L.A.‘s Most Wanted Assholes.

Does anyone know who this guy is? The few clues we have are his penchant for Cal and 10k runs, the fact that he absolutely abhors fresh produce and desperately wants it off his lawn, and possesses some kind of poodle-looking dog that can’t wait to get out of public view. We can’t identify the neighborhood, but it looks a little Mar Vista-y from where we’re sitting.

Anyway, here’s the full video to help jog your memory. Before he can strike again.

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