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Headlines: Benefits Package Includes $150 Monthly For Weed; Man Arrested For Avocado Theft. And Meth.

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—Tristan, the youngest daughter of Rodney King, has been reported missing in Santa Monica. [LAT]

—The benefits package for some employees of Jointly includes $150 a month for weed. [Spectrum 1]

—The sale of a Santa Monica apartment building by the Irvine Company broke records at $330 million, or roughly $2.7 million per apartment. [The Real Deal]

—A look into the Debbie Allen Middle School of the Performing Arts, the influential performer’s new dance academy inside Shonda Rimes’ Rimes Performing Arts Center. [LAT]

—Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is defending the organization’s purchase of a $6 million Mid-City L.A. house as “an asset” that bolsters the activist organization. [KTLA]

—A Goleta man was arrested for stealing dozens of avocados. Meth and a meth pipe were also found within his car. [KTLA]

—Union Station has increased its security following attacks on janitors and other staff. [KABC]

—Expect to see more turquoise than usual, as L.A. honors Lung Cancer Awareness month. [Spectrum 1]

—Two reporters for Knock LA are suing the LAPD over their arrests while covering the 2021 protests against the removal of homeless encampments in Echo Park, claiming their civil rights were violated. [U.S. News]

—Funding has not been renewed for ODR Housing, the Office of Diversion and Reentry program that offers supportive housing in lieu of jail for people with mental health issues. [KCRW]

—A celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the 1992 L.A. Gang Truce was aided by the efforts of Montel Jordan and Charles Qbone Rachal, personal chef to Snoop Dogg. [Instagram]

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