At Juanita's with owner Edward Flores and Huell Howser, via Juanita's/Facebook

Olvera Street Restaurant Threatened As Users Confuse It With A Different DTLA Juanita’s

Yesterday, Edin Alex Enamorado, the admired defender of street food vendors who was profiled in an L.A. TACO feature earlier this week, posted a video to Instagram showing him do what he does best: courageously back up a street food vendor who had been assaulted, her products dumped on the ground by someone affiliated with a nearby brick-and-mortar business in Downtown Los Angeles.

The business involved is named Juanita’s Cafe Mexican Restaurant at Broadway and 7th. We encourage you to follow your heart and never eat there and talk whatever shit you feel they deserve.

However, there’s another beloved business that has been caught in the crossfire.

Juanita’s Cafe on Olvera Street says it has been targeted by people who are confusing their restaurant with this other, lesser Juanita’s, receiving threats and 1-star Yelp reviews and Google over the incident.

Twitter user Woody9Six brings our attention to the below Tweet:

So, in quick summation:

1) FUCK Juanita’s Cafe Mexican Restaurant at Broadway and 7th in Downtown L.A.!

2) Please do not confuse that restaurant with Juanita’s Cafe on Olvera Street, a longstanding favorite that was featured on Huell Howser’s show, counts Danny Trejo as a supporter, and has survived some of the restaurant industry’s toughest years. And please support them if you can.

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