Ten Big L.A. TACO Stories That Have Impacted Los Ángeles Made Possible By Member Support. Help Us Reach Our Goal to Keep Them Going

In case you all missed it, L.A. TACO has somewhat cracked the secret to funding independent local alternative journalism: free tacos for the people.

Specifically, we are talking about our members who support us and our groundbreaking street-level journalism every month. If it weren’t for you, loyal member who loves to support the best city in the damn world, we would not be here. Just two years ago, we were up against a wall and were about to cease to function as a publication. We put out the call, and you all answered…saving us from an L.A. TACO-less Los Angeles. 

It hasn’t been smooth, but we are still standing. 

And while the breadth of our original daily features representing our Los Angeles makes it look like we got it all figured out—the reality is that we’re a very long way from that. Cue our 2021 Member Drive. Despite being in our second week of our Member Drive, we are not even close to reaching our new member sign-up goal. Real talk: We are in our lowest member count in all of 2021 due to many not re-subscribing. That’s OK, and we love your support in any way we can get it. While we are nimble and pride ourselves as L.A.’s #1 underdog online publication, we still need your help. 

Our goal is to sign up 250 new members, and so far, we only have 23. 

As a reminder, every single dollar goes towards supporting our inclusive journalistic vision of Los Angeles. Since 2019, we have published more than two dozen new writers. Our writers come from all corners of the Southland, from the Valley to Orange County, and everywhere in between.

Beyond always being the first publication telling you where to find the latest and greatest regional tacos in Los Angeles, our local journalism has also made a difference in our local laws and politics.  

Here are just a handful of our most significant features that have made the most impact on both L.A.’s Taco Life and civic life, in no particular order. If you’ve benefitted or are down for any of these causes and can swing it, we invite you to consider becoming a member. 

As always, thanks for reading and sharing.

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