Molly’s Burgers Then & Now ~ Hollywood

Molly's Burger before tagginh

Remember the Molly’s Burgers situation back in 2010/11? After 82 years, the popular H’wood shack was faced with eviction because the city and a developer wanted to build a new tower complex on the spot, and ultimately the business owner got a payoff of over $1m to leave the location in the name of progress. Molly’s may have only been a shack, but it was a shack that the locals loved. So far not much seems to have happened at the location, and the current incarnation of Molly’s is a spot for graffiti, stickers, and other vandalism. The photo above is from the very last night that Molly’s was open, and the photos below are from yesterday. All images from the esteemed Tom Andrews, lord of the Hollywood photo scene.

Molly's Burgers #9


Molly's Burgers #8

Molly's Burgers #2

Molly's Burgers #6

Molly's Burgers #4

Molly's Burgers #1


Molly's Burgers #3

Pussy Eater above Breast Sandwich Photo(1)

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