Restaurant Guide: Night + Market Song

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Photo Credit: Gabriel Carbajal

Night + Market Song

Night + Market is now a three-location consortium, but it’s the second location, in Silver Lake, (full name: Night + Market Song) that has most captured the imagination, taste buds and wallets of Angelenos. On any given night it looks like a casting call for “gorgeous but unbothered artist type” in the dining room and the line spilling out the door, but it’s not just a hip destination, it’s a serious cuisine destination. The chef and owner is the scion of an L.A. restaurant family: his parents and grandmother opened Talesai on the Sunset Strip in 1982, introducing white westsiders to the glory of Thai food. The cuisine is now a staple for all Angelenos, and the menu here certainly contains some crowd-pleasers, but is also attempting, it seems, to further the education of a new generation of eaters: alongside the larbs and the pad thai there’s khao soi (an increasingly popular northern noodle dish), grilled pig neck with a chili dip, a Burmese curry with squash, and “Bangkok mall pasta.” —KS

3322 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake
(323) 665-5899