DEANSKII is L.A. born and raised, and uses his film photography and ‘zines to give the world an insight into his life in the city. We got a chance to discuss photography and tacos with a man who loves his family, his crew, and documenting the art, triumphs, and tragedies of underground Los Angeles…

What’s your favorite taco?
I have to save my dad makes the best beef and potato tacos. I add some sweet chili sauce to it and it’s fire. But place-wise, I like the carnitas tacos at Diana’s in Carson, plus they’re open 24/7 can’t go wrong with that.

Meet the Artist: Peter Tovar ~ October 2


New Work by Killyrslf ~ Arts District



New Release: Gangs EP by L.A. Group Gangs


Gangs are the latest find from New Los Angeles, an upstart record label run by KONE. They describe themselves as an Electro-Surf-Proto-Punk-Rhythm-and-Blues Duo, and their EP is a free download available here: Or you can stream using the player below:


Francesco Giusti “CARIBBEAN” Opens Tonight at HVW8 Art + Design Gallery


Opening Saturday, Sept. 27th, 7 – 10pm RSVP at


The Art Cards of the Graffiti Hunter ~ Los Angeles


In downtown Los Angeles there is a hidden mural above Olvera Street by David Alfaro Siqueiros, who in 1932, writing after his deportation from the United States said: “I believe I have done something interesting here. I have initiated a movement of outdoor murals that I judge to be very serious, murals under the sun, under the rain, facing the street. If one muses over this, one recognizes the basis of art of the future that [will] be public to its fullest extent.”

The Graffiti Hunter’s goal is to document artists working in public art and create unique content to build awareness of their work. Every few months he produces art cards that are hidden on the streets and in the shops of the LA Arts District.  Whenever possible,  the cards are dropped next to the original art. The cards are a showcase of public art in Los Angeles, and hopefully serve to entice the public to take up the hunt for more. Please enjoy this gallery of photos of the Graffiti Hunter’s Art Cards. Follow the Graffiti Hunter on Instagram.



Video Recap: Toy Art Gallery 2014 Anniversary Show

Toy Art Gallery celebrated last week with over 40 of their favorite artists creating amazing custom figures from Paul Kaiju and Blobpus’ Vertebrata! The show is still up and features the following artists:


New Print: Germs “Lucha-Squid” ~ On Sale Tomorrow


It’s been awhile since GERMS released a print, so get ready to hit refresh on your web browser and pick up one of these iconic Lucha-Squid prints tomorrow at 12 sharp here. An edition of 50, each one is $50. (There is a hand embellished version for $25 more as well). Info and more photos:


DUBLAB’s 15th ~ Sept. 27th


Adventurous web radio pioneers, one of our inspirations here in the city of Los Angeles, are celebrating 15 years of broadcasting with a massive party on Saturday, September 27th at Bedrock.LA.

The party will take place exactly 15 years to the date and hour dublab started broadcasting. There will be live music performances, DJ sets, film projections, custom t-shirt screen-printing, food trucks art installations, and more. All proceeds raised will benefit dublab’s non-profit music mission. Keep reading for all the details…


Tacología #4 ~ Tacos Leo

Our friends from Mexico at We Are Not Zombies just published the latest in their Tacología series, starring Leo’s Tacos of Mid City.


Brand New D*Face Mural ~ West Hollywood


D*Face is back in L.A. for a new show called “Scars and Stripes,” which features portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Sid Vicious, and other icons of years past who “burnt bright and died before the age of 30.” All show info at the bottom of this post. The great Birdman Photos got these gorgeous shots of Mr. Face’s enormous new mural in West Hollywood, CA.