Guisados Opens in Downtown Los Angeles


The original Guisados opened a few years ago in the beating heart of L.A.’s taco scene, Boyle Heights, where it earned rave reviews and a share of the Taco Madness title in 2012. The first expansion was to Echo Park, and now there is one roughly in the middle of the first two locations– Downtown Los Angeles. There is no doubt in our minds that this location, like the others, will be extremely popular. All photos by Chris Hei, who you can visit on his blog or his instagram. Guidados DTLA is located at 541 S. Spring St. # 101 Los Angeles CA, 90013. More info at


Bill Esparza Brings the Taco Knowledge


L.A.’s Bill Esparza, who wrote our seminal “Tacos 101″ series, has now etched his name at the top of the highly competitive world of taco scholarship. What vaulted him to the highest echelon? An incredible article published last week on LA Magazine’s website called “Tacopedia: A Complete Taco Encyclopedia of L.A.” The subhead is “45 reasons why Los Angeles is the taco capital of America”, but it could easily have been “Mess with the Bill, get the horns,” because the ostensible inspiration for the piece was a somewhat douchey post on Eater LA entitled: A New York City Tacopedia: L.A.’s Got Nuttin’ on Us!

The Eater story could’ve been a list of good NYC tacos, but instead they took the position that it was time to school L.A. on taco knowledge and diversity, which is just silly. Frankly, most people in L.A. simply shrugged, but Bill isn’t like most people. Hes a man on a mission and doesn’t suffer fools. We’re pretty sure he’s been working on his own Tacopedia for some time now, so this presented the perfect chance to both present some solid regional research, and put a serious body blow on ill-informed Mexican food articles originating from New York, of which there have been far too many. We have a feeling there won’t be many more after New York writers realize there’s someone who’s ready to deliver a digital beatdown if they make wild exaggerations or attempt to diss L.A.’s taco scene.

Check out some samples from Esparza’s piece below and then read the entire 45 item Tacopedia, which we hope becomes a book at some point…


Basquiat, Haring & Warhol ~ West Hollywood

photo 2-3

Wheatpastes by The Producer BDB. For more street art and graffiti pics visit or follow @locoliinda on instragram.

Preview: Skate & Create ~ Opens August 30th

postcard-5inx7in-h-front Skate & Create, curated by G. James Daichendt, opens Saturday, August 30th, 2014 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at Flower Pepper Gallery (121 E Union Street, Pasadena, CA). The show will be on view until October 1st, 2014. Keep reading for a preview and artist list…


Two Weeks of Art ~ August 2014


The continuing adventures of our Events Editor, Erwin Recinos, who checks out all of LA’s best underground/graffiti/contemporary art shows and happenings with multiple cameras around his neck. Here he presents to you a journey through Los Angeles’ art scene during the first two weeks of August 2014.

Picture Me Rolling: San Pedro ~ August 2nd


The infamous NinjaGraffiti hosted an art show at Bad Fish Clothing in San Pedro. Aware, Fear, Thanks, Fishe, Cat Cult and many others took over 6th Street for an amazing night celebrating both trains and skateboarding culture. Blackbook signings, sticker trades, and raffles were going on all night. The crowd was a mix of some of the top artists, train aficionados, and skaters in Southern California.


The Midnight Moan ~ “What I Need” ~ Compton’s Richland Farms

Blazing NYC band The Midnight Moan just put out their first video.  The song is called “What I Need” and the video was shot in the Richland Farms neighborhood of LA’s own city of Compton. You’ll see a different side of Hub City here, as it captures dramatic horse-dancing and local vaquero culture right here in the center of urban Los Angeles. All backed by a killer track. Check it out and give a listen to their album “Comes in Phases” on iTunes and Spotify if you like what you hear.

Call For Artwork ~ One Love Art Show


Video of the Day ~ “Realla” by TOKiMONSTA

New video from TOKiMONSTA for her beautiful song Realla featuring Anderson Paak. The tune is the first single off of TOKiMONSTA’s forthcoming album ‘Desiderium.’ She’s also going on tour, starting in LA on Sept 19th at the El Rey. The tour will feature a custom, multi-layered visual show created by Strangeloop Studios who did the last Flying Lotus setup that wowed people all over the world. Full tour dates below:


Joe Strummer’s 1963 T-Bird For Sale


Joe Strummer’s 1963 Chalfont Blue Ford Thunderbird, originally purchased by Strummer in 1987 for $4,200 is now for sale on Ebay. The press release contains some interesting info on Joe’s life in LA along with some nice photos of a cherry T-bird. It’s cool to imagine Strummer cruising the streets of Los Angeles in this ride, humming tunes and listening to the radio.


Carmen ~ A Story by Jacqueline Gonzales Reyes


Tell Your True Tale is a project by author and journalist Sam Quinones, where he works with authors who have never been published and helps them tell their stories. You can read more on his website, and you can buy the first edition of collected True Tales from Amazon here. Interested in learning more? You can also attend a TYTT Workshop.



The summer of 2009 I spent in Houston working with janitors as they fought to renew a union contract.

That July 4th , local pastors held a press conference supporting the janitors. Several union janitors were asked to attend.

That’s when I met Carmen Sanchez. I picked her up and drove her to the event. Carmen was our shortest member, in her sixties, direct, well groomed. She was from Chihuahua, Mexico. She was always at union events. She’d been a janitor for 12 years.

That afternoon, driving her home, my car got a flat tire. I called AAA, but it was clear that due to the holiday help would be a long time coming.

So it was that I found myself with Carmen Sanchez in the middle of downtown Houston on July 4th.

I thought I’d just get Carmen a cab and have her on her way home. But she refused.


The Art of Chaz Bojorquez (Video)

Robert Carpintero of The Chicano Art Project has created another beautiful slideshow, this time featuring the work of Chaz Bojorquez. Enjoy!