Rap Quotes by Jay Shells ~ April 25th


Gallery1988 will host the first Rap Signs show from NY artist Jay Shells. Jay’s street art has been featured here on L.A. TACO, The Huffington Post, Complex, Vice, in the LA Times, by the Associated Press and hundred of other artists, confirming the appeal of location-specific installations at the intersection of hip-hop and street art cultures.

The Greatest of Them All ~ April 26th


Alexander the Great, contributing photographer for L.A. Taco, has put together a one night only show that will display the work of some of the city’s best graffiti artists as well as the photographers who capture their work and the urban environment of Los Angeles.

There will be  live art, the unveiling of a new mural from the LOD crew, vendors, food, and a DJ. It all goes down on Saturday, April 26th starting at 4pm and wrapping up at 9pm.

Saturday, April 26th, 4pm-9pm
KGB Gallery
1640 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

More Information:


Tune of the Day: Mocos by Depakote

If you like your experimental instrumental hip-hop slow, trippy, and free to download, this is the album for you. Straight outta Garden Grove comes Depakote, AKA Erik Lopez. He takes the sounds from your stoner uncle’s record player and makes them come alive in new and twisted ways, building up a groove almost subliminally before letting it all fall apart again… You can download the complete album here.

Preview: Juxtapoz Psychedelic Book Release Party ~ April 26th at The Well


Juxtapoz has an amazing new book, focusing on psychedelic art and the opening reception and exhibition will be in Los Angeles, specifically at The Well (1006 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA 90015) from 7p – midnight this Saturday (April 26th) night! Preview some of the images from the book and from the exhibition below…


Real Noir ~ LAPD Photo Archives



Gallerist Robin Blackman and her husband, LAPD Reserve officer have spent the last thirteen years combing through the LAPD photo archives looking for gems in a collection of crime scenes, mug shots, and other on-the-job photographs and negatives that were due to be destroyed. The result is a collection of about 50 images that will be made into prints and sold at this weekend’s Paris Photo LA. You can view some additional images at the official site, and also at this Daily Mail article. Keep reading for some of our favorites…


Remember Your Roots w/ Rootcheck Vol. 4 – GTA Style Anaheim Chase W/ Arbe Kog / SUMEN / Betue

@Rootcheck – Remember Your Roots @LAtaco / Vol.4


At first the plan was to cram the story of that night in, but some history of Anaheim came up in the archives, small detour.

If you want to skip all that and jump straight into what happened that night, look for the BOLD SENTENCE as a jump off.

Isek LTS and Arby KOG some time around 98.

Isek LTS and Arby KOG some time around 98.

Back in the day (96-99) in Anaheim there was a big ass construction zone.

Disney was building underground tunnels, Cal-Trans was all over the place and they were mean as hell in general. During this construction big ass chunks of the 5(lots), the 405(lsds dtd ek), the 22(aubs) etc. freeways would shut down and black out completely. A lot of bombing took place, kings/crews came and went throughout the tag banging days. Just195 and Earn (some straight OGs in graffiti) were holding down the Anaheim Swap Meet with a little hip hop / airbrush shop. Just195 had a wall behind the swap meet, with Lucha libre wrestlers doing their thing in the background. A lot of writers met up there so speaking on Anaheim, Masterpiece was sort of a middle ground for OC to meet LA. Earn and Just called the shop Masterpiece and in 1999 the MP2k crew was formed there, a lot of them are still around to this day.

The Lucha Libre truck at the Anaheim Indoor around 99 - Just195 / B2.

The Lucha Libre truck at the Anaheim Indoor around 99 – Just195 / B2.

In a way, Just and Earn took writers in at Masterpiece, and gave them a gateway to something bigger. OC writers looked up to the LA writers, and in some cases OC produced the same originality. Getting way off the point, but the BALL yard, behind the indoor, is where the dudes in this story all met.

Czer UCA / WGS / MP - behind the Anaheim indoor (Masterpiece shop wall).

Czer UCA / WGS / MP – behind the Anaheim indoor (Masterpiece shop wall).


Mahfood Taco ~ Jim Mahfood Gets Down at Grand Park

Follow Jim Mahfood aka Foodone as he creates a painting he donated during the LA Taco event held on April 5th 2014 in Grand Park, Downtown Los Angeles. Also featuring artist Vyal One. Music by Fat Larry’s Band. Filmed and edited by Jordan Ahern.

Recap: Taco Madness Presented by Groupon

TacoMadness2014 (39 of 50)


A fine day was had by all at Grand Park on April 5th for Taco Madness Presented by Groupon, the culmination of our month-long bracket style tournament to determine the LA’s favorite taco of 2014. The sun was hot, the lines were long, and the micheladas were flowing. As many as 5,000 people filled the park all day long and enjoyed tacos, music, and art. The winner of the online vote was El Coraloense, an inventive seafood spot featuring ceviches, tacos and more in two locations in Downey and Bell Gardens. Above, brother and sister team Leo and Natalie Curie pick up their award on stage as artist Mear One paints in the background. Photos by Erwin Recinos & Desilu Munoz..




Tijuana dark wavy tribaleros LOS MACUANOS are playing at La Cita tonight.

Watch this classic if your not properly convinced.

Bang for your Burger Buck: The Habit Burger Grill


The burger is indeed an American icon. While I might have a bone to pick about whether frying, or as it is known in more positive circles of discourse, griddling, is something that would constitute burger sacrilege, I like a place that extols burger values, even if a few of theirs violate one or two of mine.


Tacología ~ Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Our friends from Mexico City, WANZ.TV, recently toured California looking for interesting subjects, including the best taqueros in Los Angeles. With that in mind, a visit to Ricky’s Fish Tacos was a must. Enjoy this video highlighting Ricky’s story, food, and customers.