Introducing MCAL Clothing Brand

L.A. Taco Contributor Anthony Godinez just sent us this video to announce the launch of his clothing brand, MCAL (MUSIC. CULTURE. ART. LIFE.)

Check out the video and look them up on Instagram: @MCAL_BRAND

Surfers Shoot the Malibu Pier (Two Videos)

The above drone video shows surfer Allen Sarlo “shooting the pier” at Malibu the other day. Shooting the pier is a classic California surfing maneuver meaning to go between the pilings and not fall off (or die, see below). Back in the early days of California surfing in the 1950s and 1960s it was what could set you apart from the rest of the gang and get all the beach bunnies riled up. From a Malibu Patch article from a few years back that mentions Sarlo shooting the pier during the last huge Malibu swell:

Sarlo made it through the pier several times, approaching it at speed and looking for the gaps that hid broken pilings that could have killed him if he’d hit them. Sarlo shot the pier several times, made it through on all of them and even did a big reentry in the shorebreak— detonating in front of the parking lot.

Shooting the Malibu Pier is dangerous business. The pilings aren’t angled correctly, and you have to pick a wave that stays green as it moves through. Back in the late 1950s, an African-American surfer named Nick Gabaldon died when he hit the pier while trying to shoot it. The incident is mentioned in the 1957 novella Gidget.

Another angle from the beach when Laird Hamilton shot the pier.

Want to know more about Nick Gabaldon? Check out the clip below:

Trance Farmers Record Release Party ~ August 28th in Eagle Rock


Listen to the Trance Farmers:


Dodgers Captain Snakeskin Cap


We strive to bring you the latest in LA headgear, and this latest entrant combines things you know you want– faux snakeskin with captain’s crests. The all black fitted cap is sold by New Era and is available here. This is the full product description:


Phuture Perfect Presents Ghosts on Tape at the Lash ~ Thursday, August 28th 2014


The first Phuture Perfect — Lash takeover sees San Francisco resident and Icee Hot record label cofounder —GHOSTS ON TAPE— in L.A. to share with you the pulsing sounds of his bass-heavy, gritty house and techno. As the key artist on the Icee Hot roster—a 2011 Redbull Music Academy selection— and releases on Wireblock, Planet Mu, Tigerbeat 6, FriteNite, Shockout, True Panther, Friends of Friends, Fifth Wall and Opit— Ghosts on Tape — shares the Phuture Perfect taste for darkness, sex and rave.


with support from
Coco Disco & Zøraya

$FR.EE like the best things in life

Preview: Dreamland Summer ~ New Works from Haunted Euth and TS Claire



Opening reception: Saturday, August 30, 2014 from 6 P.M. – 10 P.M.

Clean Aesthetic
323 Culver Blvd. Playa del Rey, CA 90293
Music, open bar and free to the public.

Check out some preview images from the show…

Vandal Spotlight ~ Versuz Kog Lts

The latest from video crew Talented Vandalz focuses on Versuz, one of LA’s most prolific graffiti vandals. Video Description:

In this artist spotlight we followed Versuz around the streets of Los Angeles, through downtown alley’s, rooftops, empty lots, billboards, and permission walls to document the versatility he brings to the graffiti culture. Known as one of Los Angeles’ most dedicated graffiti artist’s, Versuz talks about how he stays motivated, how he prepares for a night of bombing, and how he plans to stay ahead of the competition. Special thanks to KzerGabeGallery (IG @KzerGabeGallery) and Hunter Photograpghy (IG @hunter_) for the photos.

Mix of the Day: Flavors From Record Pool

This mix by Melo D is full of rare Beat Junkies edits like Tony G’s edit of “Ghetto Life” by Rick James, Melo D’s edit of Giorgio Moroder’s classic “Tears”, and many more. It’s all part of the launch of their new record pool, which spans multiple genres and includes exclusive edits, remixes and a cappellas. Visit for more info.

Full Tracklist:

Guisados Opens in Downtown Los Angeles


The original Guisados opened a few years ago in the beating heart of L.A.’s taco scene, Boyle Heights, where it earned rave reviews and a share of the Taco Madness title in 2012. The first expansion was to Echo Park, and now there is one roughly in the middle of the first two locations– Downtown Los Angeles. There is no doubt in our minds that this location, like the others, will be extremely popular. All photos by Chris Hei, who you can visit on his blog or his instagram. Guidados DTLA is located at 541 S. Spring St. # 101 Los Angeles CA, 90013. More info at


Bill Esparza Brings the Taco Knowledge


L.A.’s Bill Esparza, who wrote our seminal “Tacos 101″ series, has now etched his name at the top of the highly competitive world of taco scholarship. What vaulted him to the highest echelon? An incredible article published last week on LA Magazine’s website called “Tacopedia: A Complete Taco Encyclopedia of L.A.” The subhead is “45 reasons why Los Angeles is the taco capital of America”, but it could easily have been “Mess with the Bill, get the horns,” because the ostensible inspiration for the piece was a somewhat douchey post on Eater LA entitled: A New York City Tacopedia: L.A.’s Got Nuttin’ on Us!

The Eater story could’ve been a list of good NYC tacos, but instead they took the position that it was time to school L.A. on taco knowledge and diversity, which is just silly. Frankly, most people in L.A. simply shrugged, but Bill isn’t like most people. Hes a man on a mission and doesn’t suffer fools. We’re pretty sure he’s been working on his own Tacopedia for some time now, so this presented the perfect chance to both present some solid regional research, and put a serious body blow on ill-informed Mexican food articles originating from New York, of which there have been far too many. We have a feeling there won’t be many more after New York writers realize there’s someone who’s ready to deliver a digital beatdown if they make wild exaggerations or attempt to diss L.A.’s taco scene.

Check out some samples from Esparza’s piece below and then read the entire 45 item Tacopedia, which we hope becomes a book at some point…


Basquiat, Haring & Warhol ~ West Hollywood

photo 2-3

Wheatpastes by The Producer BDB. For more street art and graffiti pics visit or follow @locoliinda on instragram.