Photo Recap: “All Involved” Book Party ~ East London


UGLARworks member Ryan Gattis has just published All Involved, a book that takes place mainly in Lynwood during the 1992 L.A. Riots. We’ll have an interview with Ryan coming next week, but today check out these photos from the pop up art & literary event in East London sponsored by Shortlist Magazine to celebrate the publication of All Involved, which is making waves from L.A. to the U.K. and beyond.


Molly Lambert ~ My Favorite Taco


Molly Lambert is a genius writer from the Valley whose appeal seems to cut across borders and boundaries in Los Angeles. If you need a concrete example, check our Gmail inbox or our Twitter mentions– people from East L.A. and Brentwood, Long Beach and Culver City, Boyle Heights and Encino forward us her columns in Grantland, usually without comment. People just want us to be aware of what she’s written, which is a nice thought but FYI we’ve usually already read the column…

Just this year Lambert has written about Clueless, Janet Jackson, Mad Men, Noah Baumbach, Rihanna, Van Morrison, Robert Durst, the Glendale Cat Show, and (perhaps most memorably) the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. It would be easy to look at one’s own pop-culture diet and for a moment not be overly impressed by that list until you remember that Molly is not just watching and thinking about those shows/movies/people, she’s illuminating them like a diligent monastic scribe. Presumably working by MacBook light in an Echo Park area cloister, Lambert paints the margins of today’s cultural artifacts with trenchant references to other works of art, while also giving us often hilarious insights and an opinion that is both unmistakably her own and resonant with a lot of people in this city.


Photo Recap: Bootleg Bart ~ DTLA

BootlegBart_BeStreet (1 of 18)

After 26 seasons and a feature length film, the success of the Simpsons doesn’t need to be proved. When you have such an influence on the popular imagination, everything is possible, and that is what happened in the 1990s with the bootleg bart phenomenon. Artists created their own versions of the character to include him in some weird, trashy or political situations (sometimes all three). Be Street revived the unofficial part of Bart’s story by inviting over 60 international artists to produce some new and exclusive pieces. We weren’t invited, but we’ve included our bootleg bart at the bottom of this post just for your personal reference.

The exhibition was shown in Los Angeles on July 25th to 26th 2015, then presented at the Be Street Weekend in Paris on October 3rd and 4th 2015. More info at Be Street. All Photos by Erwin Recinos.

“VC #TBT” Film Screening ~ Little Tokyo


“VC #TBT” is a selection of ten short films what will be screened on Thursday, July 30th, 7:00 PM at the David Henry Hwang Theatre the historic Little Tokyo neighborhood. “VC #TBT” will highlight selected works from the 31st Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

A post-screening reception will be held in the Aratani Courtyard of the Union Center for the Arts, with free food and drinks for ticket holders. The reception will also feature an opportunity drawing with various prizes provided by Visual Communications’ generous sponsors.

Photo Recap: #SoCalStreetBurger Finale

SoCalStreetBurger_Final (14 of 15)

The contest to create the ultimate burger #SoCalStreetBurger, concluded at Dodger Stadium last weekend, bringing together a shared love of burgers, beer, and creativity. Estevan Oriol, DJ Skee, and Ben Baller were among the celebrity judges who had to choose a winning burger among two finalists who bested hundreds of other entries to make it to the main event.

The winner was the KBBQ Poutin Burger by Andy Tran, who took home the $10,000 prize. Please enjoy this gallery of images from the ultimate burger event from photographer Erwin Recinos.


Four Unique Dodgers Hats For the Stretch Run


The Dodgers are in first place and look poised to play well in the second half (providing they pick up some arms for the bullpen and a 3rd starter) and make the playoffs again. Of course there are still questions– can Clayton Kershaw shrug off his St. Louis demons? Will the bullpen ever be good? Will the team click offensively in the playoffs?

No matter what, it should be an entertaining stretch run and if you’re planning to attend some games or watch in Dodgers bars, you may need a new lid. Here are four suggestions to set you apart from the crowd.


Found in Los Angeles


A collection of items found in real life and online, sourced from Imgur, Craig’s List, Reddit, local blogs, etc. Found something interesting? Let us know

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.26.16 PM
Found on Craig’s List.


Our Lady of Gentrification by Wild Life ~ Downtown


A brand new installation by Wild Life went up this weekend as part of the artist’s residency at These Days gallery in Downtown. The theme of change and gentrification has long been at the heart of Wild Life’s public art, and it’s always presented in a way that both confronts and educates the people who walk by and happen to catch a glimpse.

The sculpture is accompanied by a small placard that reads:


Once upon a time, an artist with desperate thoughts was walking down Broadway between 5th & 6th Streets when he glimpsed her through a dirty window of a business that was shuttering it’s doors. As their eyes met, the man saw visions of artists of past history working in the salons of Paris and Vienna and the mannequins they used as their subjects and often a source of inspiration. Immediately, the darkness that weighed heavy on his heart and mind lifted as he recognized the pure intention of the frozen figure. He saw through her eyes the decades she spent staring out at the sea of humanity, their dreams, their desires, and the inevitable tsunami of change that was to crash on the shores of Broadway and wash away those same hopes and dreams. The artist witnessed impossible tears emerge from her eyes and flow down her fiberglass cheeks as he felt her heart breaking. The sign in the window read “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” and the artist wondered if she would have to go as well. At that moment, in his mind, she had become a Saint. She was, is, and will always be Our Lady Of Gentrification.

More photos:

Preview: 2015 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition ~ Barnsdall Art Park

Stephanie Sydney, "Aerial Bridge"

Stephanie Sydney, “Aerial Bridge”

On July 26th from 2-5pm, the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) present the 2015 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, which will take place at the famed Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Boulevard).

On view from July 26th through September 20th, the pioneering biennial exhibition provides emerging artists from across Southern California with an opportunity to exhibit their work at the nation’s only remaining municipal art gallery. Keep reading for more information and more examples of the work to be shown.


The Cutting Room: Beats & Tacos at La Chuperia


We’ve been hearing good things about La Chuperia in Montecito Heights for awhile now, as this neighborhood bar combines craft beer and tortas which something pretty much anyone can get behind. This Saturday night 7/25 they add $1 tacos, live beat sets by up-and-coming producers, and live visuals to the mix as part of The Cutting Room, which is presented by Sumo Hair and Culture Remixed. By the way, there’s no cover and you can also get a haircut from Sumo at the event. More info:

You Know You Want This Fresno Tacos Baseball Hat

Reader Matthew Klekner sent us the news on Twitter that the Fresno Grizzlies have created a new alternate cap, Fresno Tacos, to support their minor league baseball team. The team will have taco night at the ballpark on August 6th, and name themselves the Tacos with special alternate uniforms and caps.