The Ultimate Guide to Día de los Muertos Events in Los Angeles 2014

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The one and only El Random Hero (Erick Huerta) has put together his yearly guide to Día de los Muertos Events in Los Angeles. Please enjoy the map above so you can find events near you! Select by date, then browse by location or click the link above to open the map in a full screen.

Overpass Pop Up: House of Horror ~ Halloween

Ho99o9_Halloween_v3 (1)


From the people that bring you The Overpass, tonight’s party features a live performance by Ho99o9. RSVP to for location + details…

Our Top 10 Picks for HARD: Day of the Dead 2014


Here are the top 10 acts we recommend checking out at this weekend’s HARD: Day of the Dead, in order of preference…


Eggshell Stickers Party ~ Tonight in Echo Park

Who: Bomit, ESS, Art Primo
What: Sticker Event / Kegs of Beer
When: Friday 10-2…
Where: 1461 W. Sunset
More info: @bomit

SABIO X SKULLPHONE ~ Opens Nov 8th at New Image Art


Master of Fermentation: An Interview with David Ehreth of Sonoma Brinery


Sonoma Brinery makes the best pickles we’ve ever bought from a supermarket. We’ve wanted to interview founder and master fermenter Dave Ehreth, a former engineer, for a long time just based on his kosher pickles, but were surprised and thrilled to find out he’s also interested in Mexican and Central American foods. Here we discuss the art of pickling, and his new products which include a curtido and Jalapeños en Escabeche…

Do you remember the first great pickle you ever had?
Yes. My father took me to a restaurant in San Francisco when I was young, Tommy’s Joint. He wanted to show me what a true kosher pickle was like; fermented, no vinegar, completely fresh. He was from New York and knew what a great kosher should be like. From that moment, when I was about 10 years old, I have been in love with real kosher pickles. I mean, really in love with these pickles. I used to drive 40 miles to San Francisco just to get a few of these pickles. Later in life, when I traveled on business to New York, I would round up kosher pickles and bring them home on the plane.

What got you into the pickling business?
After 30 years in the tech business, I decided to launch a second career; I was going to bring this great pickle to the West Coast. I saw the food revolution change our bread from white bread to baguette, iceberg lettuce to arugula. But our pickles were still vinegar and chemical soaked imitations of the real kosher. The true kosher is a harder pickle to make and manage, but just like the white-bread-to-baguett transition, worth every bit of the effort.

What, in your mind, makes a truly great pickle?
Great pickles begin as great cucumbers. A truly great pickle should be fresh, crisp, lightly acidic, mildly salty and have all the character of the cucumber it was made from. When you eat a great pickle, it should feel light on the pallet and should not leave you feeling like you just drank a cup of battery acid.


Recap: Alexis Ross Vans Syndicate Shoe Release


Ever been to a party inside of a laundromat? Well this last Friday night Vans Syndicate teamed up with renowned Los Angeles artist Alexis Ross to host a shoe release party inside of Silver Lake’s Thrifty Wash. While we were looking for the location, we had no idea that this event was actually to be held inside of a laundromat, but to our surprise Thrifty Wash was the hot spot. The night marked the release of the “chinese laundry bag” inspired OG Authentic.

Not only was there free left ear piercing being done by Ross himself, but there was also a Street Fighter vs Xmen arcade style battle. The tournament started off with about 12 people eager to win the cash prize of $400.00.  After some intense match ups it was down to two dudes and one janky joystick. Little did everyone know that the winner, Paul Carrillo from the city of Norwalk, was a Street Fighter Veteran. L.A. Taco’s Desilu captured the night, click the link below to check out the party and the super limited bucket hats and sweet new shoes.


Experience the new P. Morris Album Via Web Cam

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.11.39 AM

L.A.’s P. Morris has linked up with Ryder Ripps and OKFocus to create a trippy interactive site that pairs users in video chat to experience the producer’s new EP Beloved together, out today on Bear Club Music Group.

You have to have Chrome to experience the site, which will link you with someone and filter your webcam to make a hypnotic experience where the music and the visuals kind of blend together in a haze of bass and color.


Preview: Jesse Hazelip “Mark of Cain” ~ Opens Nov 1 at Known Gallery


Opening reception: November 1, 2014 | 8-11p
On view: November 1 – 15, 2014

On Saturday, November 1st, 2014, Known Gallery will debut Mark of Cain, current works by Jesse Hazelip, his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. In conjunction with the event, the artist will release a three-color screen print, available for purchase during the opening reception. Keep reading for preview images…


Brews with the Brewjos: Talking Home Brew and Tacos with Brewjeria Co.


I’ve been covering beer for a few years through my beer page and Instagram account, @inthesuds, and now I’ve been asked by the fine folks at L.A. TACO to bring some beer coverage to their street art and street food mix. I’m calling my new beer column here “Carbonacion,” and I hope you enjoy reading it! Thanks to L.A. Taco for having me…

It has been both a pleasure and a challenge navigating through all the new breweries sprouting up with all over LA. Some are better than others, but at the heart of every beer is home brewing. Everyone has to crawl before they can walk, right?

This is particularly true with making the leap from home brewing to commercial. If you’re a nerd like me, you can appreciate when guys and ladies get resourceful and put together their own brew kit. Investigating the L.A. scene, I wanted to see if there were some home brewers making noise who were on the verge of making that leap from their backyard shed to a brick and mortar location. The name Brewjeria came up in several conversations…


Cleon Peterson ~ My Favorite Taco


CLEON PETERSON is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. He has become more prolific in his home base of late, via a stunning gallery show at New Image and a large mural in the Arts District, but his work seems to defy time and place. There is something universal about Peterson’s art, and yet no one else is doing anything similar, so it remains unique, and unsullied.

It is perhaps for these reasons that until recently we assumed he was from out of town. Whether people from other cities want to admit it, Los Angeles really is the center of the art world, and having an artist like Cleon here only reinforces that. Ideally he would have several more murals all over the city, bringing his stark and pristine representations of the timelessness of man’s inhumanity to every corner of the city.

What brought you to Los Angeles? What keeps you here?
When I was a kid I traveled here from Seattle because LA was the promised land where there was sun and warmth all the time. I still remember seeing my first palm tree and how good that made me feel. Ive stayed because I love the culture, the space and I’m truly a westerner. For some reason the east coast never felt like home, the people are just different there.


New Mural: “Trigz Forever”, Painted by Jonas Never and Ruger ~ North Hollywood


Jonas Never and Ruger painted this mural at La Vida Tattoo and Body Piercing 6342 Laural Canyon Bl. North Hollywood. The mural was inspired by the photo of Trigz by Pep Williams, which Pep posted here shortly after the news of his tragic death.