The Paper Pranks of Obvious Plant


Jeff Wysaski is a comedian in L.A. who recently started Obvious Plant. What is obvious plant? It’s a series of pranks including fakes signs, brochures, and other printed matter which are placed around town just for the lulz. His most recent prank is the most extravagant yet, and involves full color brochures placed in Hollywood Blvd. tourist kiosks for a mythical “Dadland” amusement park which promises naps, grilling, and discounts on sandals. Let’s take a tour of the paper-based pranks Obvious Plant has been putting around L.A. in 2015…


Preview: LORA ZOMBIE x THE HUNDREDS ~ Jan 30th in Santa Monica

Lora Zombie X The Hundreds

Exclusive Releases + Live Painting by Lora Zombie

416 Broadway // Santa Monica, CA 90401
1.30.15 // 7 PM


Matteo Sample Sale Starts Thursday


We love Matteo– not only have they been holding it down in the Arts District long before most of the other creative businesses moved in, they make the best and most comfortable sheets, blankets and other linens. In fact, Matteo has been in the Arts District since 1996 and just last year expanded to Boyle Heights.

Every year they do a sample sale which is your chance to get stuff for 60-90% off… it all starts Thursday and goes through the weekend so get ready.

Interview with Piper Kaplan of L.A. Band Puro Instinct


Puro Instinct is native Angeleño sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan. Rather than describe their music you should just give it a listen (SoundCloud embeds below). Puro Instinct will open up for Blackbird Blackbird on Wednesday January 28th, as part of Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Los Angeles. The show is only $3 if you RSVP here.

What’s your favorite taco spot in LA?

Hmm.. that’s tough! Probably Tacos Azteca on Verdugo Rd in Glendale..

Did you grow up in Los Angeles? Which part? Best childhood memory of LA in those days?

VBCA ~ A Short Film by Max Kitaev

Anyone who’s spent time in Venice Beach knows the magic of certain foggy days, when everything is wrapped in grey mystery. You walk towards a light you think might be the sun, but it’s a motorcycle headlight and suddenly a kid on a skateboard comes out of nowhere and makes almost crashing into you look like a work of art. In the distance you can see other shapes, but you give up guessing what they are and just enjoy the scene.

Filmmaker Max Kitaev has captured the Venice fog beautifully in his video VBCA. He pairs it with an excerpt from a poem, which we’ll include below as well.

the clouds forming a ceiling that caps a feeling of grey.
greyness at the birth of the day…the sun wanting to play,
wanting so much to play, like a child at a locked gate.
waiting for the moment when the pin is slipped.

from “6am on the beach in Venice” by William F. DeVault

Frosty and Daedelus Present Adventure Time “Of Beyond”


Daedelus and Frosty have returned to this Earthly realm after a lengthy journey into deep space. They now proudly present their cosmic journals in sonic form for you. Of Beyond is out now on the newly launched record label Rings. You can find it on BandcampiTunes or in (meta)physical form.

Photos and more:


People I’ve Shot in L.A. ~ Photographs by Ef Be

self realization

Ef Be, who you’ll remember from last year’s “Personal History: Documenting Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles“, now shares some of his street photography along with handwritten captions. You can view more of his photography here, or check out his screenprints and music here.


Tell Your True Tale – East Los Angeles Presents “In the Company of Memories” by Eric Franco Aguilar


Author and Journalist Sam Quinones left the Los Angeles Times last year and has since been doing some of the best work of his career. Besides writing for the New York Times and other outlets, he also finds time to mentor aspiring authors and storytellers in Los Angeles through his Tell Your True Tale series of talks and workshops. The release of Tell Your True Tale Vol 2 is this Saturday from 3-4pm at the East L.A. Library, where the workshop was born. 4837 E. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90022. Please enjoy one of the stories from the book below…


Loud Sex Noises From Santa Monica Palihouse Hotel Plague Neighbor

Living next to a hotel in a quiet residential areas has its challenges, and apparently living near a “sexy” hotel offers its own special issues. Westside Today has produced the above video which goes into the issue of horny hotel visitors in Santa Monica getting too loud for one (somewhat unhinged) neighbor’s liking.

Preview: AGENTS PROVOCATEURS: A Selection of Subversive Skateboard Graphics & Artworks


AGENTS PROVOCATEURS: A Selection of Subversive Skateboard Graphics & Artworks opens on Saturday, January 24th at Subliminal Projects. Pretty much every opening we’ve been to there has featured not only interesting contemporary art but some sort of surprise… along with big crowds, so get there early. If you can’t make the opening, try to stop in while the show is up because this is an eclectic, vibrant, and subversive show featuring some of the best in the skateboard graphics world.

1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Please enjoy this brief preview of some of the art that will be displayed…

First Look at Jun Cha’s MONARC Studio ~ Launch Party is Tomorrow Night at The Well


Jun Cha announces the official opening of MONARC with a pop-up gallery and launch event. A new private tattoo, art and design studio in Downtown Los Angeles, MONARC serves as the central space for black and grey tattoo, multimedia and creative collaborations.

MONARC Studios is now open. Photo preview of the new studio at the end of this post…

The opening night will showcase recent and past tattoo collections, with photography and the premier of a mini documentary in collaboration with The Social Trust.