UGLARworks member Ryan Gattis has just published All Involved, a book that takes place mainly in Lynwood during the 1992 L.A. Riots. We’ll have an interview with Ryan coming next week, but today check out these photos from the pop up art & literary event in East London sponsored by Shortlist Magazine to celebrate the publication of All Involved, which is making waves from L.A. to the U.K. and beyond.

Fellow Picador Publishing author David Whitehouse (Bed & Mobile Library) hosted the event, which included art drawing inspiration from Los Angeles & the riots.

The gallery featured the works of artists Evan Skrederstu, Christopher Brand, & Steve Martinez of UGLARworks; Chuey Quintanar (whose piece previously appeared in “Time: Tattoo Art Today” at Somerset House); Chaz Bojorquez (who designed the lettering of the book’s title, which was painted on the wall during installation in London by Evan Skrederstu); Jondix; Deno; Michael Alvarez; and Toshi of Dog State.





Photographs by Charlotte Manners Photography. To view more photos of this event visit