The San Fernando Valley gets called a lot of things, but epic usually isn’t one of them. Which is sort of unfair, because the Valley has both landscape and human drama that can reach towards the legendary. Paul Thomas Anderson understands this, and so does music producer Newman Wolf.

His debut solo album, Keep Talking, is out on Body High November 11th (Preorder), and is about a punk from the Valley. The sounds are epochal and impassioned, again not what one commonly associates with the SFV, but LA-native Wolf asks you to look deeper and find the epic stories hiding in the corners and crevices.

Body High label head Samo says:

Please Keep Talking is Newman Wolf’s debut solo album. It’s the problem of being a smart kid in the suburbs and living next to a mall when you’re looking for a good record store. It’s defiant, anxious, and emotional. It’s about a punk from the San Fernando Valley, which at this point is as American of a hero as John Wayne.

Stream the first single, Computer, above, and keep reading for the album tracklist.

Newman Wolf

Newman Wolf


1. Folks, I’m Going Down
2. Free
3. Quarter Century Anthem
4. Please Keep Talking
5. Sealand
6. Love Song
7. Computer
8. Girl
9. Come My Way
10. Show Me You
11. Wash Out