FatCap is a site dedicated to bringing you graffiti and street-art. They have been sharing their passion since 1998.

Founded at a time when digital cameras didn’t even exist, FatCap is an old-time player. At the beginning, it was a simple photo gallery web-page where they’d post the pictures taken while skipping school. Later, in 2001, it became an interactive portal where artists could have their own page, at a time when neither blogs nor MySpace and Facebook existed. Since then, it has kept growing and gathering a strong and faithful community.

And to start off this 2011 year, FatCap invited several artists, including myself, to share their goals and plans for this new year. So let’s get straight to what they posted…

Whether it’s an apocalypse now or a vow to wear their mask more, we were eager to know what resolutions artists set for 2011.

We asked artists to share with us their New Year’s Resolutions for 2011, and they delivered. Brilliant, insightful, random and hilarious! With resounding agreement, the number one resolution is to PAINT MORE!

Be sure to read them all, there are some hidden gems:


For next year? I’ll MAKE this succinct – Priority number one: to have more LoveGalo Girls! Then: paint more, travel more, curate more shows, make more money, possibly and finally battle Cope2 and continue my quest to becoming the Wilt Chamberlain of graffiti art.

you can read out full Interview with Make/Galo


Cope2’s new years resolution is to work out hit the gym hard witch I started already spend more time with my family take my art to another level and stay away from all negitive people and haters do what’s best for me and my family cause when you look out for people they betray and stab you write in the back! Not anymore I’m done


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