One owner of this restaurant was born in Sinaloa, the other in Nayarit. They combined the food traditions of both coastal states into their glorious little ceviche spot, El Coraloense. The inventive menu offers the marinated seafood dish in a number of different styles, some with mayonnaise, some wildly spicy, some with nuts or fruits. The best way to go is to get the sampler plate of three different “mini” ceviche tostadas — it’s a ton of food and a great introduction to what’s going on here. Try the shrimp with walnut and peanut sauce, the smoked marlin, the mango-chamoy-shrimp. Another great option is the “cocoloco,” a coconut filled with all kinds of seafood treasures and topped with a cocktail umbrella, because showmanship counts for something. There are lobster nachos on the menu, but those are a gimme. The cooks are clearly challenging their creativity with the menu, and as diners, we should challenge our boundaries in kind. — KS

6600 Florence Ave, Bell Gardens, CA 90201
(562) 776-8800


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