Very few songs have been covered in the East L.A. backyard punk rock scene over the years as much as Minor Threat’s self-titled track. The song’s powerful lyrics — “Make do with what you have! Take what you can get!” — have served as an anthem for the marginalized Latino youth that has always made up the core of the music genre’s community in that part of town.

Now, someone in that underground scene is paying the band back by hosting a Minor Threat-themed art exhibit in honor of the historic band happening this Sunday afternoon at the 5 Star Bar in downtown.  

“The band hasn’t done anything since the 80s and we just want to recognize them in 2018,” says Skunk Chellovek. He is the creator of the project as well as a fan of the band. “I’ve worn their backpatch and used to play covers of their songs in my punk band. They challenged everything.”

Over 15 artists and vendors will display their mixed media work honoring the band in the hole-in-the-wall dive bar on Main Street. There are five explosive bands set to play throughout the afternoon including Fun Abuse from L.A.’s South Bay and VEGAS THREAT, a Minor Threat tribute band from Nevada. Yes, there will be even sheep-shaped cookies in honor of the band’s fundamental album cover for “Out of Step.”  

Skunk Chellovek (on the right)

Chellovek is well-aware that this exhibit based on the straight edge alcohol-free movement will be held in a bar, so in the same respect as it was done in the 80s, showgoers who wish to not drink will be marked with the iconic straight edge “X” mark on their hands upon entrance.   

Chellovek’s band, Informal Society, have been around since 2004 and are still active in the backyard L.A. punk scene. Last year, he and his bandmates played Rebellion Festival in the U.K, one of the largest punk festivals the world. In his free time, he throws shows mixing punk rock and other arts like this under his DIY record label, No Edge Booking. He is already planning an art show based on The Ramones at the same venue next month.

“It’d be cool to see a Minor Threat reunion one day. I hope this show encourages that and shows them that there are still a lot of fans who love their music.”

Minor Threat Matinee Art Exhibit is a ticketed event and it is happening this Sunday, Feb. 18th at the 5 Star Bar from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.