RAC DESIGN BUILD has an idea, and it’s one that many in North East Los Angeles think might be a good one. The basic concept is to turn the Historic Riverside Drive Bridge, which is set to be demolished, into an urban park and land bridge. This would have the benefit of creating new open space, and making biking/walking in the area much easier. Keep reading for a full list of benefits, some facts about the proposal, and a link to a petition you can sign.

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– On January 30, 2008 The City Planning Department adopted this Bridge as Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument (LA-908).

– This Bridge is scheduled for an early Spring demolition as part of the Riverside Drive Bridge and Grade Separation Replacement Project (53C-0160).

– Engineering for the new Replacement Bridge was modified between it’s 2006 approvals and the 2013 placement and no longer requires the demolition of the historic, 1939 steel span structure at a minimum.

– The engineer of record for the current project, HNTB, has prepared and provided the Bureau of Engineering and City Council Offices an agreement to complete a timely change order/scoping report to carefully assess the scope of the necessary contract changes.

– This pending change order/scoping report is the only responsible mechanism to make an informed decision and must be completed before City Council is able to make that informed decision to preserve the proposed portions of the existing Historic Figueroa-Riverside Drive Bridge or let it be demolished.

– If acted upon now, there is limited but still reasonable time to prevent the Bridge demolition.

– City Council needs to know where you stand and if you believe this is a valuable actionable issue.


A. E-mail City leaders and let them know you want the Figueroa Riverside Bridge to be converted to riverly park space

Mayor Eric Garcetti

CD-1 Councilman Gilbert Cedillo

CD-13 Councilman Mitch O’Farrell

B. Sign a petition to empower City leaders to do what is necessary to preserve this Bridge for our city’s use.

Petition Link: Petition