Paneer Tikka Kebab Vs. Argentine Flap Steak

Thanks to Lord of the Grill Ali Khan and his pal Nissar Modi for stuffing TACO’s gullet this labor day weekend in Los Feliz at their epic India Vs. Argentina BBQ. Khan is fresh off his first appearance on Bobby Flay’s show where he rocked the set with tasty lamb hoagies, and the man knows meat and heat better than Bo knows baseball.

“King” Khan set off an extensive explosion of dishes from both South America and the Sub-Continent. Over 6 lbs. of lamb were marinated in homemade preparations and 100% hardwood was used in the fire. Repping those randy Argentines was chorizo and flap steak, while the incredible Indians stepped up to the coals with chicken tikka, lamb tikka, and paneer kebabs, which were handmade by Mr. Modi.

When the dust and tequila cleared, both countries came out charting high on the BBQ taste meter, but possibly due to the few thousand years India has on Argentina to find out what the people like, the Indians dominated in flavor, tenderness, and more Big-O’s per bite. The steak was perfect, juicy, and hot just like at an asado, but it was still no match for the intricate zest of that deep red tikka. The soft chicken burst in our mouths, the lamb juicily melted away, and Nissar’s paneer kebab had more flavor and pleasant texture than those at our beloved Khan Chacha in New Delhi.

In the end, bellies past full, Ali decided against a coup de grace of pulled lamb shoulder, leaving us all with the Labor Day wisdom to keep it under $50 if we ever find ourselves at Costco. Here’s to good eating, being with friends, and most importantly to three-day weekends!!!!!

Grill General Ali Khan