What city did you grow up in?
I moved around most of my life but I grew up in the 310 Culver City till I was 8 then I moved to North Hollywood, and I also lived in the 305 for a little but I could not be away from CALI!

Favorite place to hang out in the city of Los Angeles.
Favorite place I’ve gotten to hang out would be during Art Walk in Downtown.

Who are you currently following in the LA hip hop scene?
To be honest besides members from my crew anything from the Dilated camp big ups to Rakaa for showing love, ANTI, Scoop Deville, Gavlyn, Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, Odd Future, plus too many to name I got nothing but respect and admiration for everyone getting theirs.

Top five CD’s you could not be without?
This is a tough question, but at the current moment it would have to be Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid mAAd City, Sublime – 40oz To Freedom, A Tribe Called Quest – Beats, Rhymes, & Life, Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth, Michael Jackson – Thriller. I’m sure theres more but those were the first that came to mind haha.

Gangstarr is a very interesting choice. You mentioned him in the song “Made it for the Streets” off your album. Dwyck is definitely my favorite song by him. What’s yours?
That song is dope I personally have to say my favorite is Moment of Truth, as an artist that has to be one of the most relatable songs I’ve ever heard. Gives me the chills.

When you blow up, ’cause I think you will, who would you like to work with musically in the future?
First off, thank you, I appreciate the compliment. I would love to work with Sade, Dilated, Chino Moreno, Exile, Manu Chao, but I’m very picky about collaborations..it has to feel right and be cohesive musically.

There is a lot of conviction in your delivery, where does that come from?
It stems from everything I’ve been through in this life of mine. Good & bad, I like to make sure you can hear the emotion I was going through when I wrote that verse. All I hope is that the people listening can feel it as well. The same way the artists I look up to make me feel.

If you were to be compared to a musical instrument, what would it be and why?
I would hope I’m a saxophone, deep, sad, joyful, plus that’s my favorite instrument.

Who helped produce you album after the pain comes laughter?
I was very fortunate to work with some talented and underrated producers for my album. Starting off with my crew member JL.A., Joe Peluso, RemyBeats, Esum, D.R.T.I., Adikt1, & last but not least DJ Indjnous! They all contributed to my masterpiece.

About 6 or 7 songs are making my rotation from your album. What’s your favorite song and why?
I’d have to say “I’ll Be Okay” that song is very special to me. Helps remind me that things can only get better if I work hard.

You’re a FIFA fanatic correct? Who’s your favorite team to play with?
HAHA! Yes I am a proud FIFA fanatic! I take pride in whoopin peoples ass online. I’d have to say my favorite team to play with is Colombia. hands down gotta represent. If any readers out there would like to play on PS3 feel free to add me my gamertag is “trewuno”

Any projects or performances our LA TACO readers should be looking out for?
Yes if you haven’t done so make sure to check out my album currently out “After The Pain Comes Laughter” available on sbhooliganz.com. Or anytime you come to a show we got them there with us. I’m currently working on a new project “LifeWithLui”, I do not have a release date yet but expect some new music off that very soon. I’m always doing shows so just follow me on Twitter or on Facebook to stay updated.

Any last words for the folks reading this?
I would like to say that without your support independent artists like myself we can’t go to far, so I sincerely appreciate anyone and everyone checking for my crew and I. We need ya’ll! If you got dreams chase it like the cops coming after you, no looking back. Big ups to LATACO for this interview.

Keep up with Trew Uno on Twitter, Facebook for upcoming show or music. All photos by Erwin Recinos.