L.A. Gentrified is a set of photographs documenting the effects of the
accelerated gentrification of Los Angeles. Disregarded neighborhoods
existing within the shadow of new condos and renovated lofts create a
contrast that is changing the city. The effect has been that while
some areas of L.A. are experiencing a positive change, those that are
left behind are falling further into decay…the spoils of success in
conjunction with the depths of poverty.

View the full series at http://rebelsciences.com/l_a_gentrified/

Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin a.k.a. Nonstndrd has been photographing life in the
neighborhoods of Los Angeles for the past 7 years or so. His work
focuses on the beauty of the urban environment through the eyes of a
pedestrian, with a strong emphasis on urban landscape, mass transit,
and the inhabitants of the city. RebelSciences is the raw result of
that goal, an ever evolving photo essay that represents a kind of love
letter to the city and its citizens.