Birds are singin’ and squirrels are gettin’ down.

Summertime in L.A.

Spotlight on a few great soul roots releases. Soul music reflecting past, present, and future.

This is the Sherman Way playlist. Hope it does it for you. Come past!

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The list:
1) “Lowdown Stank” Breakestra

2) “Alone” Selah Sue

3) “Day Dreaming” Aretha Franklin

4) “La Traque” Latin Vintage Orchestra

5) “Nigel” Hepcat

6) “Another Generation” Fishbone

7) “Picture On the Wall” Orgone

8) “Beasley Is A Beast” Beastie Boys

9) “Special” Andrew Ashong

10) “Superficial” Lawrence

11) “Oozy” Brownout