Hilary Clinton and Antonio Villaraigosa

Buss Busted for DUI
Lakers Owner Jerry Buss was arrested yesterday at 1am for driving the wrong way on a street in San Diego. The 74 year old may have been drowning his sorrows over the latest Kupchak/Kobe/West drama, or perhaps he was just trying to show off for his “23 year old female passenger”.

LA Mayor to Endorse Hilary Clinton
Our Mayor is endorsing Hilary Clinton, who reportedly wooed Antonio more then any other candidate.

Ban on Westside Veterans Development Foiled by Congress
Our local pols wanted to put language into a spending bill to ban development at the West LA Veteran’s campus, a huge swath of land between Westwood and Brentwood. They were stymied by people in Congress who would like the Government to profit from the land by leasing or selling it to private developers.

No Charges in H’wood Hills Fire

The boys, whose names were withheld because they are minors, allegedly told arson investigators they were playing with a lighter and setting twigs on fire when the blaze spread up the hillside, the Los Angeles Times reported. The DA says: “There is no evidence that either juvenile, both of whom live in agricultural communities in the Midwest, was aware that the burning would be a substantial and unjustifiable risk that would cause forest land to burn”. The message here is that playing with matches is not inherently wrong, as long as you’re from out of town, a major victory for irresponsible tourist kids everywhere.