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C.A.V.E. Gallery is excited to kick-off this year with a new exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Max Neutra. Building on the momentum from his 2012 sold-out show with the gallery, Max continues to create using his distinctive gonzo style, exploring themes of communication and perception. Each piece encourages viewer interaction resulting in another memorable, experiential exhibition by this rising star.

From the Artist:

“In my new exhibition at C.A.V.E. Gallery, “New Tongues”, I will be exploring themes of communication and perception. The way two people in strained communication will create a new language that is unique to their particular circumstance. The way heightened receptivity is a byproduct of creating these new languages. The way we are inventing new dialects as we gain increased access to each other through new technologies. The way a foreign culture can simultaneously repel and seduce. The way a written word of unknown meaning can hold
aesthetic value. The way a touch of the unknown can add allure to an otherwise familiar object
or situation. The way the mysterious can inspire.” – Max Neutra

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Full preview of the show is here.