Fawn Rogers is a LA based contemporary artist with a specific interest in entropy, anthropology and evolution. All of these come together in her latest project, and installation called Subject. Included in the project is a deck of cards, created by 52 California artists to represent produce currently farmed in California as works of art. The oversized playing cards are created by a wide range of artists including Patrick Martinez, Vanessa Prager, and Henry Taylor.

The installation, inspired by the drive shafts of trucks that rumble through California’s central valley, “invites the viewers to watch super weeds grow from the soil under the resurfaced produce truck drive shafts where organic and inorganic compounds slowly reach chemical equilibrium through the sedimentation of time, as nature gradually re-establishes its ecological balance beyond our existence.”

You can check it out yourself starting February 13th at MOAH in Lancaster, CA. More info here.

What’s your favorite taco spot?
La Cevicheria on west Pico Blvd. Crazy good fish tacos, BYOB.
For great cabeza tacos Campo’s in Mars Vista.
Taco trucks are my staple fave meals, check out Isla Bonita on 4th and Rose in Veince.

What was the original inspiration for SUBJECT?
A produce truck driveshaft.

How did you decide to bring in other artists, and how did you choose the

I’m fairly new to the art scene and wanted to get to know the community so it
essentially started with cold calling and emailing.


Is there a specific sort of California entropy?
True or false entropy always tend to favor mixing. Mixing result in positive change in entropy allows endothermic processes to be spontaneous. Pure liquids don’t have entropy. Addition of salt to water increases entropy. Entropy is the measure of number of possible states.

What is the source of true power in the individual, and the artist?
Definitely canned sardines for breakfast.

What is your entrance music?
Gogol Bordello – Not A Crime but it could change minute to minute.


Do you have a lucky number?
Eleven Seven Eleven.

Where do you go in Los Angeles for inspiration and/or relaxation?
Some strange place between the floor and my head, I work about 18 hours a day
and once in the while I go to Float Lab deprivation tank where I become a green
striped burrowing frog immersed in heavy summer rains without any emotion and
with an intense instinctual urge to eat and have sex.

Playing cards have made more than once appearance in your work, what is your
relation to cards?

The playing cards are a social break from my other works, multiple dimensional games are fun.

The next one is “The Hand”. It will feature 52 Sponsors of the arts handprint paintings inspired by Native Americans and my grandmother. The meaning of the Hand symbol represented human’s life among other things it also helped the warrior to believe himself to be invincible.


If anyone thinks this is a good hand to play perhaps they will hand over something to finance it, not asking for a hand out but putting some money in my hand to create this one, could be hands down fun. Too have a good card deck in hand is advantages and on the other hand this ones also art not a hand job. Like Subject the original works could be donated to the museum who sponsors this and the proceeds from the playing decks can raise funds as well!

Visit FawnRogers.com.