Eric Garcetti is an LA Native, Echo Park Resident, and one of the front-runners to succeed Antonio Villaraigosa as Mayor of Los Angeles. He also knows his tacos. We reached out to Garcetti through his active Twitter account to find out his favorite taco. Unlike Mayor Villaraigoso, who reached back into his youth and selected the Taco Inn, Garcetti selected his current favorites, categorized by the type of taco he likes there. Impressive in 140 characters!

So, Eric Garcetti, what’s your favorite taco?

#1 Cochinita Pibil – Yuca’s, #2 Shrimp – Baja Ensenada, #3 Carne Asada – Tacos Delta, #4 Potato – Villa Corona, #5 Chorizo – Ariza.

Thank you, Eric. In the interests of equal time, we invite all the other mayoral candidates to email or tweet us their favorite tacos. We’ll also consider all of the candidate’s choices for Taco Madness 2012.

Photo by Waltarrrr.