Trayvon Robinson is one of the most exciting prospects in the LA Dodgers’ farm system, but what sets him apart is that he is from the city of Los Angeles. In the coming years, he hopes to join Don Drysdale, Darryl Strawberry, Duke Snider, and Jackie Robinson (retired before the move to LA) as Angeleños to play for the Dodgers. We got a chance to talk to Trayvon about his past, present, and a future which looks very bright for this speedy outfielder who can hit, run, and get to any ball in CF.

TACO: Trayvon, what’s your favorite taco?

Trayvon: I like the mobile taco carts in my old neighborhood, South Central LA, that don’t have names.

TACO: Is that where you grew up? How did it shape you?

Trayvon: As a child I grew up in South Central LA, where there are many distractions when you’re not on the baseball diamond. However I tried to stay focused on what I always dreamed of doing, and that is playing baseball.

TACO: Actually I think you’re one of the few players in the Dodgers system who is an LA native. Did you root for the Dodgers growing up? Who were your favorite players?

Trayvon: Anytime you get a chance to play for your hometown team, it is truly an honor and a blessing. I always dreamed about playing in LA, although I grew up watching and rooting for Juan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers. My mom is a big Dodger fan and I loved to watch the Dodgers when they would be on channel 9 KCAL. Now that I am in the Dodger organization, I too am a Dodger fan and love the organization.

Photo Credit: rogerchoover

TACO: You’re on the road a ton, what is the first thing you do when you come back to LA?

Trayvon: I travel back and forth between LA and Phoenix all the time, and when I do stop in California I stop in LA to catch up with family and friends on the things that I missed during the baseball season.

TACO: Do you like to go out, hit the clubs etc.? What spots do you hit up in LA ?

Trayvon: I am a very laid back kind of guy, and I try to pick my spots wisely.

TACO: You probably spend more time with your teammates then anyone else, who’s your best friend on the team or in the organization?

Trayvon: I have a few good close friends within the Dodger organization: Kenley Jansen, Dee Gordon, and Johnny Washington. All in which have been my teammates in the last couple years. Washington is now a Hitting Instructor in the organization.

TACO: What current MLB players do you emulate or admire?

Trayvon: I would love to meet Curtis Granderson.

TACO: Thanks so much for doing the interview, got any shout-outs?

Trayvon: All those who love and support me while I try to make my dream a reality.