February was a jammed packed month of art shows and I was able to make a few that maybe you had missed. Here is a look at some photographic artists that shared their work with Los Angeles and all the art lovers out there.

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Love West Coast Girls: Mike Miller ~ Gallery Brown

Photographer Mike Miller opened Love West Coast Girls at Gallery Brown a few weeks back. Miller debuted this show last year in Orange County. For all those L.A. fans that missed it, this was your chance to see it in person. The photos on view were from his latest book LOVEWESTCOAST, a fascinating look at California Girls in all their glory. Mike’s vision and style speak to you through the frames. I believe this is the first show Miller has had in L.A. since showing West Coast Hip-Hop Photography at Known Gallery a few years ago. Here is a link to purchasing his latest book. Also give Mike a follow on IG @mikemillerphoto.

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Skin Phillips ~ Known Gallery

adidas Skateboarding invited L.A. TACO to celebrate 30 years of skateboarding photography through the lens of iconic skate photographer Skin Phillips. Renowned for setting a stylistic standard for street and early ‘vert’ photography, Phillips is credited for shooting nearly every pro skateboarder ever including a range of intimate work with seminal skate legends like Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales, Tony Hawk, Matt Hensley, Patt Duffy, Natas Kaupas and many others. This exclusive photography exhibition was held at Known Gallery on Fairfax.

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Bones: Ralph Ziman ~ C.A.V.E. Gallery

Back in December of 2015 C.A.V.E. Gallery featured the work of Bisco Smith x Africa 47. This was one show I sadly missed and wasn’t able to bring to the L.A. TACO readers. To make up for it I went to the solo show of Afrika 47 aka Ralph Ziman titled Bones. Ralph has been working on this project for close to a year.

All of these photographs were taken in Africa in different cultural significant locations. All with very deep meaning to the photographer and the community. Ralph also fabricated animal bones dressed in his signature beaded technique. The patterns bring them to life in a vibrant manner that gives them movement. The photographs that accompany each skeletal piece gives it reference and connection to its surroundings.

LATACO readers were introduced to Afrika 47 last summer when he created one of the most powerful murals last year with Bisco Smith in South Central (link here).This artist has a fresh perspective of life and is sharing that vision with Los Angeles. Keep up with Ralph Wiman via IG @afrika_47.

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