Artist Maritza Torres has her first solo show this weekend, ‘I think of you when I see the color blue’ at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights. This show will include new paintings and sculpture, as well as a communal altar– please feel free to bring a small photo of someone that you miss and would like to include.

From the Artist: ‘I think of you when I see the color blue’

In my new work I am going to a more personal place, focusing on the emotional experience of loss. My previous work has been about the empowered woman. I have learned that strength and vunurablity are not mutually exclusive.

These pieces are an attempt at creating representations of my emotional state while I witnessed my dad struggle through cancer, and later the aftermath of his passing. My artwork has become cathartic and a way to express feelings that often can only be revealed to a close friend or partner. Even then only at night or while drinking.

As I continue to find myself as an artist I have come to the conclusion that the most valuable work I can create is pieces that are about my own voice. This decision has brought more meaning to my art. While I can never fully know what my fathers experience truly was and I feel that it is not my story to tell, I can share myself at my most vulnerable.

‘ I am the person I know best’ -Frida Kahlo

*Dedicated to my dad Luis Torres, who we called Mopi (Mom & Papi) and who’s favorite color was blue.

Preview Images: