The first Friday in September saw the hot, glorious, apocalyptic three-day LA Labor Day weekend kicked off with aplomb in the Arts District, as A$AP Ferg and a dozen-or-so talented young skaters dropped bars and hammers respectively at the launch event for Ferg’s adidas “Trap Lord” collection of sneakers and gear.

The event was centered around the “Skate Copa Court” — a modified tennis court with a drop-in at one end and a ramp-rail-stairs obstacle over the net. Determined local kids bombed the obstacle in hopes of a $1000 cash prize, the winner selected by skate god Daewon Song.

The contest gave way to a spirited performance by Ferg, sporting his signature model kicks, who graciously complimented the skaters and the LA crowd, and propelled through tracks on his new album along with a few hits.

Considered by many to be the best lyricist to emerge from the A$AP crew, Ferg is a remarkably self-assured and professional talent. He has a mature presence, a brio, if you will, of a much more seasoned performer, as evidenced by his recent collaboration “East Coast Remix” in which he shares billing with old heads Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, and Snoop Dogg.

A rapper’s rapper, Ferg switches flows and styles with aplomb. From one song to the next, he maneuvered seamlessly from familiar sing-songy trap, to a more deliberate 90s style flow, to a more rapid, syncopated pace that enraptured the crowd.

Photo by Kyle Cannon

As the show came to an end, Ferg stopped the music to rap a capella, letting the most incendiary lines hang in the air to be appreciated.