Work In Progress (W.I.P.) is a new art marketplace that disrupts the traditional gallery paradigm, opened exclusively in downtown LA on Black Friday, November 27, 2015. Created by Roger Gastman and co-curated with entertainment entrepreneur and philanthropist Doug Davis, W.I.P. provides unprecedented access to available works by a slate of contemporary artists who are currently on the meteoric rise; including POSE, REVOK, Richard Colman, Shawn Kolodny, Adam Wallacavage, Cleon Petersen, Tasya Van Ree and Sage Vaughn. Select prints by Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari are also on display and available for purchase. As the current art market continues to grow, celebrated artists are becoming increasingly harder to collect. The environment created by W.I.P. dispels this notion, making desirable contemporary art immediately available in real time.

W.I.P. transformed a prominent but now defunct karaoke club in Downtown Los Angeles into a warren of pop-up galleries with each room devoted to one artist. New work will be added to the show on an ongoing basis throughout its temporary tenure, making the experience an interactive art immersion and ever-changing work in progress in and of itself.

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Detail of piece using synthetic polymer & oil enamel on wood assemblage by artist REVOK.

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Wreck 2 by artist POSE, acrylic & spray paint on paper and clayboard panel.

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Black Dot Neon by artist Cleon Peterson & Lisa Schulte that measures 6 feet in diameter.

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Left to right: Ring Cycle (Momento Mori) & Ring Cycle (Rivers Edge) by aritst Sage Vaughn.

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Artist Shawn Kolodny and crestaloy adjustable wrenches in various size and glitter.

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Pose Row House’s range from size small to large all curated in unisense.

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