This video from 2010 is better then watching paint dry. A fun look into the process of a huge piece with multiple artists. A stop motion live painting by the Maclaim Graffiti Crew in Los Angeles, sponsored by Vox Humana – LA Art Machine, The Goethe Institut – Los Angeles, Federal Republic of German Foreign Affairs, Boombang, and Montana Cans. Special thanks to Bryson Strauss, Stefan Kloo, and Annette Rupp. Arists: [MA’CLAIM Crew] RUSK,AKUT, CASE. Also featuring Risk, Revok, Hera
Filmed by: Kohshin Finley and Roger L. Griffith
Produced by: Roger L. Griffith
Music by: Ac Slater- Back Up [Remix Of Deekline] and Skream – Oskillata