L.A. artist Susanna Battin‘s latest work engages in a one day action (this Friday, Dec 2) to restore the horizon normally blocked by a billboard on the 15 Freeway. The digital image will be viewable on the Southbound 15 after the 91 interchange and is best seen from the second from the left lane. The work is part of the artists exploration of the interactions between the manmade and the natural. Keep reading for the full project description, show times, and map link.

We caught up with Battin over email for a quick couple of questions:

Are you a frequent freeway driver?

I limit my freeway driving to only include visits to my grandma, who lives off of the interstate 15 where the new installation is to be shown, and making other long distance trips.

What’s your favorite taco in LA?

Favorite Taco in LA is from La Fuente #6 in Highland Park.


Susanna Battin

Viewable from Interstate 15 in San Bernardino, CA on Friday Dec 2, 2011

‘Window’ is a photographic landscape installation that will be up for a single day. The work uses a digital billboard that typically obscures a small section of the Santa Ana Mountains off of Interstate 15. In this piece, a photograph of what can be seen directly behind the billboard is displayed on the billboard’s surface in an attempt to repair the visually severed mountain range.

Los Angeles freeway commuters briefly witness the billboard transform into a window. The billboard appears first as a separate figure from the surrounding mountain range. As the viewer drives south its image aligns and then dissolves into the background for a fleeting moment. For this second, a view of the past -before the billboard was constructed- may be seen in a frame of present day media. This window offers an alternative vision to the advertising that dominates roadside landscapes and questions how the human relationship with the natural world is mediated by our experience as consumers.

The Santa Ana Mountain Range is a key topographical feature in the city of San Bernardino. Lying directly east of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, San Bernardino captures much of the smog blown east on daily ocean breezes from its larger westward neighbors. 13 of San Bernardino’s varying smog conditions are visually represented in the piece.

‘Window’ is part of my broader exploration of the interactions between manmade and natural environments and human perception.

The San Bernardino Billboard Art Project, organized by David Morrison, is sponsoring the presentation of my work.

Window’s show times are:
2:50 am
6:28 am
10:06 am
1:44 pm
5:22 pm
9:00 pm

They warn:
Times are approximate only – as the show progresses, it may fall behind from the times listed in the schedule due to processing lag time.


‘Window’ is best viewed in the second from the left lane while driving south on Interstate 15 after the 91 Freeway interchange and before the East Ontario Ave exit. Please drive safely! See map for viewing route.


Thank you to BLDG BLOG for bringing this project to our attention.