Taco of the Day: Taco de Camarón from Mariscos Jalisco


If you read this site or just generally live in Los Angeles and love life and food and tacos, the fact that Mariscos Jalisco makes fucking delicious tacos isn’t news to you. But just look at that beauty. Look at it! If you’ve never had one for yourself, weep with shame and then get to your car/bike/bus/train and get one now. 3040 E. Olympic Blvd. in Boyle Heights. If you already know how good it is, you’ve probably already left.

Bonus: Here’s Mariscos Jaliscos’ owner Raul accepting his award from 2013 Taco Madness as the Judge’s choice for “Best in Show”.


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Comments (1) to “Taco of the Day: Taco de Camarón from Mariscos Jalisco”

  1. you should do one on the tacos at Mariscos Cuarto Vientos