Krautrock Classics: Nite Jewel & Peanut Butter Wolf To Perform Kraftwerk’s Computer World

Opening the 2012 Summer Season at the Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, Dublab and Goethe-Institut present a night of Krautrock Classics, with performances from Nite Jewel & Peanut Butter Wolf covering Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer World’ in its entirety, along with Carlos Nino, Daedelus, Dntel, Sun Araw, Pharaohs and many more covering their favorite Krautrock classics.

It all happens June 1 at 8pm. (ticket contest is now over)

Nite Jewel & Friends (featuring Peanut Butter Wolf, Secret Circuit, Nedelle Torrisi from Cryptacize, and Cole MGN) performing Kraftwerk’s “Computer World” in its entirety.

Carlos NiƱo & Friends (featuring, Dexter Story, Diana Booker, Gaby Hernandez, GB, and Surya Botofasina) covering Popol Vuh.

Pharaohs & Friends (featuring Suzanne Kraft, Stellar Rahim, Ulrich Krieger, David Scott Stone, Cloudland Canyon, and Andres Renteria) performing an excerpt from Manuel Gottsching’s “E2 E4.”

Plus: Dntel, ESP, Daedelus, Sun Araw and White Magic

dublab DJs Turquoise Wisdom and Michael Stock (Part Time Punks) will be playing at the Edison Plaza from 6pm to 8pm and during intermission

Purchase by May 25 and save! Ticket prices start at $15 and $12 for full-time students with ID and children 12 and under. VIP packages start at $50 and include premium seating and gift bag Tickets are available at or 323 461-3673 (for non- visual media 323 GO 1-FORD). For groups of 8 or more, please call 323 769-2147.

Krautrock Classics is sponsored by Finders Keepers (, B- Music (, Mount Analog (, Scion (, Hit + Run (, Bedrock LA (, and Friends of Friends (

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Comments (22) to “Krautrock Classics: Nite Jewel & Peanut Butter Wolf To Perform Kraftwerk’s Computer World”

  1. without a doubt it’s Radioactivity.

  2. Autobahn, 8 min version.

  3. RadioActivity,TDF, why one just let the jams roll!!!! I love the german lyric versions just because!!!

  4. Das model

  5. “Radioactivity (Remix)” from The Mix in 1991. I’ve loved them ever since I was 8 years old in 1984, listening to Computer World (1981) and Radio-Activity (1975) to ad nauseam.

  6. I’ll go with Trans Europe Express. Partially because that’s the tune (I think) that got afrika bambaataa into Kraftwerk and thus helped spawn electro! Planet Rock!!!

  7. The Robots. Doop doop do doop.

  8. Radioactivity. Such a classic.

    I’ve never really thought of Kraftwerk as Krautrock. Kraut, yes. Rock? Not so much. Can is the ultimate Krautrock band.

  9. Tour de France!

  10. “Radioaktivitaet” deflowered me in the 70s. Been on the Kraut since…
    Obscure poser entry – Contemporary second: “Autobahn” acoustic by Fink.

    This shindig is going to rule BTW….

  11. Computer World

  12. Man Machine, machine…

  13. hands down radioactivity is off the chain

  14. computer love!

  15. “Pocket Calculator” Computer World
    -It reminds me of a high school teacher, I had.

  16. I am a Model
    and I’m looking good.

  17. Autobahn, I second.

  18. N U M B E R S!
    Reminds me of doing complex equations w a sharpened pencil and my ti-82 – bobbing my head to the song in my head. 1st period algebra ii circa de 95…….

  19. So many to choose from.

    I’ll go with the popular choice, Radioactivity.

  20. Computer love.

    Compyoooterr loove, I call this numbah…


  21. Pocket Calculator

  22. oh oh oh!!!

    Ruckzuck!!! Ruckzuck!!! Ruckzuck!!!

    imagine my surprise when I realized that was Kraftwerk!!!!! And I had been watching “Newtons Apple” on PBS since I was a kid and loved, loved the theme song! I almost fainted when I put two and two together.

    I fucked a German to be closer to Kraftwerk, god damn it!!!!!

    Pick ME!!!!!!!