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If you were at the stadium for opening day, hopefully you saw our message. While some say it’s petty to respond to our enemies to the North, we just couldn’t sit back and let the Giants fans have the last word on Opening Day in our house. In case you weren’t sure what LA 5, SF 1 means, it’s because the Dodgers in Los Angeles have five glorious world championships, while the lowly Gnats have just the one. Bill Shaikin of the LA Times covered the battle of the skies and seemingly delighted in our counter-offensive, but also elided the crude and promotional part of our message, which was Giants Suck! and– the one site in this city that cares about you.

Pilot Michael of Tom King Aerial

Huge, massive thanks to new good friends at Tom King Aerial, who worked with us to make this affordable. Did you hear about the banner? That’s the kind of buzz that aerial advertising can deliver, and the only choice is Tom King Aerial. Seriously, why would you go anywhere else? Tom King Aerial cares about Los Angeles and was willing to make this happen despite the fact that LA TACO runs on less then a shoestring budget.

If you got pictures of the banner, please drop a link to them in the comments.


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Comments (17) to “LA 5 SF 1 Giants Suck Go Dodgers LATACO.COM”

  1. LA TACO = HERO!

    You guys seriously rock. That was too f’ing awesome. You guys are the Militant Angeleno’s Hero Of The Week!

    Although we reign supreme over Frisco on the field as well as above it, don’t forget that we still have to deal with our own struggles here at home:

  2. Would have loved to see this live! Go Dodgers!

  3. I saw the Giants fan banner first and I admit, it annoyed me. Then I saw yours and I was like HOLY SHIT!! LA TACO RULES!

  4. DOPE. LA TACO u really are heroes. thank you from all dodgers fans. although u should’ve put GO Doyers.

  5. When I saw your banner fly over my house before going to the game, I was elated! I jumped and screamed like I had won the lotto. Thank you for making my day. Seriously, when I read the news about their banner it angered me beyond belief. Way to represent our boys. Go DODGERS!!!!

  6. almost got the score right!!

  7. I love it! GO Dodgers!!! GIants Suck!!!

  8. DOPE.

  9. This is amazing. I really wish I would’ve seen it. Thanks to the great traffic on the 110 I almost missed the first pitch.

  10. The Giants fans need to go back to SF. This is our house!

    Although I do feel really badly about the dudes that got beat up in the parking lot. That shit is weak… it’s just baseball homie.

  11. Thanks LATaco for the banner! You have my business for life!

  12. AUSOME way to start the season. Frank and Jamie 4Evar

  13. Great move! Whip up the drunken thugs. “This is our house!” Kill the Giants. Kick that guy’s head. Again. Now run.

    Way to go, LA TACO. Hope you are proud of the shaved heads and tattoos.

  14. That is pretty awesome. But I’d add “Dodgers Suck” too, cuz they do. Why can’t we all just admit that Baseball is boring and long past its expiration date? I’ll chip in for that banner!

  15. Fuck yeah! Go Taco!!

  16. […] We got to the stadium parking lot about 3:30 pm and it was damn hot! had a few PBR’s in me and was feeling good! Damn Giants Fans did actually rent a plane to pull a banner that read “SF Giants 2010 Champs – Dodgers Still Suck! From Giants Fans”……… oh man, really? You had to go there? But then i saw another plane pulling a banner that read ” LA-5 SF-1 Giants Suck!”………… oh yeah, the banner wars! Baseball has officially begun! Check out coverage from the guys that took of the Dodgers banner here: […]

  17. LA TACO: Stay Up! WAY UP!!!!

    or, LA TACO got High on Opening Day!