Mister Cartoon Tattoo Studio ~ Los Angeles

Tucked away in the artist district of Downtown Los Angeles is Mister Cartoon’s private tattoo studio. Mister Cartoon works by appointment only and charges by the piece not the hour. In other words, there is no dropping by for a quote or to get tattooed after a night out partying with your friends. If you are serious about getting a one of a kind piece of art on your skin contact the studio at tattoos@mistercartoon.com.

The tattoo studio is part of a complex that Toon$ and his business partner Estevan Oriol (world famous photography and video director) use as headquarters for their business empire. It also houses part of their car & motorcycle collections.

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Comments (49) to “Mister Cartoon Tattoo Studio ~ Los Angeles”

  1. Nice! Funny how you get better pics and coverage than any other magazine has ever gotten. You da man!

  2. This is truly incredible Jae! I admire Mr. Oriol and Mr. Cartoon very much for their artwork, attitude, and hustle. I remember being in New York working when Mr. Oriol’s postcards landed on the desk of our photo editor and brought some SoCal back to my life. I stole a couple.

  3. Fuck yeah! I love Cartoon’s work, what a nice trip to finally see his studio! Thank you NoBueno!!!

  4. QUE bueno!!!!!!!!

  5. @Jay ~ Thanks! Sometimes I just happen to be in the right place!

    @Hadley ~ I’ve had the honor of knowing them both of a couple of years now and they are really good guys! I have amassed a nice collection of their promotional material as well!

    @Zacatatas ~ Glad you like the post. Not very many get to see the studio.

    @Darnell ~ Thanks!

  6. GOOD post I admire Mr Cartoon hard working
    and shows that our people ARE coming up in the game for sure plus he is from San Pedro too so word on that!

  7. Respect from Russian!!! Bryansk city.

  8. Whats up Mister Cartoon, My name is Oscar Avila Im A Marine fRom Socal, Coming back from 3rd tour in IraQ My GrandParents Reesently past away and I would Like to get Some Portraits of them to complete the sleeve in my arm, It would be an honor to me if you Do it for, Money Is not Issue, Not asking for any hook ups just a chance to work with the best in the businness, Ive never asked anyone for anything, I dont know how oyu feel about the service or the troops In Iraq, But it would just mean everyhting to me if I could work with thank you Very much For you time, and hearing me out, Hoope to hear back from you, Gracias.

  9. im from poplarville Ms. i wanted to know how could i get an appointment to get a tat from the world famous Mr. cartoon i realy like your artwork they dont have that type of work anywhere especially in mississippi so please contact me if you would i realy thank you hector i look forward to here ftom you thanks

  10. I’m and old skool graffitti subway artist from NY . I’m abig fan of your work I just wanna say your the bomb and maybe we can do a mural togeter one day just for fun . Some time we forget how much fun it was when we did it just to show off stay up compadre MR.MASE 1st THE VAMP SQUAD NYC EAST COAST

  11. keep up the good work i have all my tats by ruben francko

  12. BIG UPS!!!

  13. Will you please shoot me an e-mail and tell me what photographer Estevan Oriols web site address is. Thank-you.

  14. Hey como estas mr. cartoon im a big fan of your work for a long time i been trying to contact you but didn’t know how untill today so i wanted to know how can i set up an appointment with you. i would like to get some work done by you.
    Thank you.

  15. Hell yea cartoon your work is sick i got a tatt from you already and everyone wants to get one now keep doing what you doing homie!

  16. Hey your work is some of the best I have seen.

  17. I was wondering how I go about getting my 1973 impala painted by you?

  18. mr.cartoon as you know your tatts are crazy hot!!!!!! just wanted you to know that!!!!

  19. I LOVE your work, but I imagine you must charge an arm and a leg, I wanted to know what kind of writing is on Paul Wall’s arm, the one where it says R.I.P? I LOVE it.


  21. hey cartoon this is your #1 fan lil puppet tattoos i always wanted to get tatted up by u man ur my 1st hero ill hit u up on may to get tatted up

  22. what up Mr.cartoon.Ilove your art work you inspire alot of mocosos with your art sabes que you are doing something chingon with what God gave you. Ill be looking forward to getting tatted up by you.

  23. salvation ME I am a beninois and I love the tattoo. Currently I am in Ghana and I do teach English and at the end I want to do training in tattooing and tattoo become. I want to be friend with you. if you want I am listening. thank you

  24. mr. cartoon you tattoos are ao beauiful its almost as if god is guideing your hands with each.

  25. mr. cartoon you are the greatest tattoo artiest i have ever seen god has touch your hands!!!

  26. Gracias Por tomar el tiempo to read my message I love tattoos and my goals is to get a tattoo by the greatest u hojala tengas tiempo to reply to me que Dios te bendiga Hector

  27. What is the adresse of Mr Cartoon ??

  28. I am interested in having a portrait of my three children. I don’t have any tats, do you suggest as a first timer to start off small? I figure if I am going to have a piece of art on my body, i should have my children and it should have it done by the best…

  29. Hey Mr, Cartoon How are you doing. I was over there at your shop not to long ago admiring your studio & car collection. I was there with my homie M.Tovar. I want to know if I could go back and take a couple of co workers from the big city Of Hawaiian Gardens:) and potential cutomers? Let me Know. Veto

  30. i want to see some tattoo work you have put in.

  31. My son had a appointment to get a tattoo there yesterday @ 400 or 500 o clock.His name is Donny Colbourne.Did he show up? I have not heard from him in a few days. Thanks Don

  32. Hello Mr Cartoon,
    I am wanting to place an appointment with you to get some work done in letters (preferably egyptian hieroglyphics) please call me at 404 539 1405 EST anytime between 8am and Midnight. I look forward to hearing back from you soon! Your work is AWESOME!

  33. Hey ii likke ur work I alsoo do tattoo but I do work in a shop cuz iam only 16

  34. Hey Mr. Cartoon,

    I have seen your work and I must say you do an awesome job. I’ve been wanting to get my back done for sometime now and I can’t find anybody that does as good of a job as you. I’m looking to do a sexy black panther coming down my back and I would love it if you could do it for me. The problem is I live in NYC and your out there in Cali. If you ever come around my way email me so that we can set an appointment.


  35. Oh yea my email is Realremedy1@yahoo.com

  36. It would be nice if you could do something for the troops,I know you paved your way but remember the ones who stayed behind.It would be nice if you did some free work for those who put in work for the USA.You don’t have to but it would be something for those who have served.Think about it homie,there’s alot of raza in the military,some of us can’t afford your tatoos,just something to think about.

  37. Love your work,DIOS te bendiga,keep doing what you do,hopefully some day I will meet you SGT Casiano, US ARMY. DALLAS,TX

  38. Sono italiano e volevo sapere quanto costa un braccio tatuato come quello di eminem.


  40. Hello Mister Cartoon, How are you?…… I must start of with you are the best in the business. There is no daut you are gifted. I do tattoos my self and Ive learn a lot just by looking at your patterns. I will like to learn more from you though and some day I would like to have the honor to shake your hand. I live in Rosarito Mex. It would mean a lot to me if you e-mail me at (payas_tat2s@hotmail.com) Thank you VERRY MUCH for your time.

  41. Damm i hope to 1 day get a tattoo done by U..

  42. hey mr cartoon i want to make an appointment to get seriously tatted

  43. Whats up Mr.Cartoon
    My name is Bancroft C. Daley aka Banks and im from Norwalk,Ct. I just turned 17 and im starting to getting into becoming a tattoo artist. I didn’t realize how hard it was to get an apprenticeship until now. Alot of my friends gossip on how wonderful your work was so i was just wondering if you can give me some tips on tattoo art and how to be as successful as i can be. Thank you and i hope you get the time to touch base with me.

  44. MAD WORK, i will have to come up from australia some time to get some work done

  45. When I get older I hope I get tatted by Mr. Cartoon. :)

  46. wuz up!
    greetz from Berlin/Germany…..
    im looking for an good tattoo atrist here in berlin like your style.
    But i found Nothing, cuz when i want a original Mr cartoon tatt on my skin, i must visit LA and get an Original from da Original.
    what must i do to tattet up ma back??
    Where can i find youre studio?
    like i say im from berlin, i dont know nothing about all of this….

  47. Wanted to get a tattoo and cant write to you thru your email can you somehow let me know how else i can get a hold of you to get an appointment. Appreciate it.

  48. hola soy tatuador de barcelona,españa con 20 años de experiencia busco estudio para trabajar me ofrezco a l.a. taco,pueden ver mis trabajos en facebook,gold machine tattoo,saludos y gracias.perdon por el idioma.