My Favorite Taco ~ Tony Danza

Tony Danza

Star of stage and screen, Tony Danza is a native of Brooklyn NY, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the West Coast, LA, and the taco lifestyle. A former professional boxer with a 9-3 record (all KOs), Danza shot to international fame in the 1970’s and has been a fixture on television ever since. Tony is also involved in numerous charities and gives back to the community whenever possible.

So, Tony D, What’s your Favorite Taco?

My favorite taco is at Henry’s on Moorpark in the Valley.

Tony, you’re in good company– Oprah recently revealed that Henry’s is also the top taco spot for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Also, don’t miss our friends at LosAnjealous’ report on Henry’s and their extra special taco burger.

Henry’s Tacos ~ 11401 Moorpark St ~ North Hollywood, CA 91602

Henry's Tacos (Photo Credit: LosAnjealous)

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Comments (5) to “My Favorite Taco ~ Tony Danza”

  1. First I have to say i love this Blog!!
    Come here almost everyday….but when i saw “Henry’s Tacos” show up i had to put my foot down!!
    I love Mexican food, in fact that and Pizza is about all i want to eat! I was sent to Henry’s (the name could be the first sign)by a friend…
    Firstly…taco’s aren’t a hard thing to make good!!
    But stale taco shells…come on…
    Not to mention the price…
    Figures this would be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen favorite spot, they’re about as mexican as Nacho Libre!!
    Henry’s = bad Taco Bell

  2. Thanks Taco lover! Yes, we don’t always agree with our friends’ favorite taco choices either as they’ve spanned the gullet from Tito’s to Jack in the Box, but you know what they say…

    What’s your favorite taco btw?

  3. Oh i didn’t think that you guys were recomending this spot….just thought i’d put my 2 cents in on this spot…just in case someone thought it was a good taco shop!!

    My favorite taco spot is El Taco Llama on Magnolia Blvd in North Hollywood, one block east of Cahuenga. Full menu of mexican food. Tacos are $1 each
    It’s in the parking lot of a carwash…so you can kill 2 birds with one stone on this one!!
    El Taco Llama is the bomb!!
    Becareful though…not all the Taco Llama’s are owned by the same person…the one on Magnolia is the best!!

  4. okie…… I am ON my way out the door to check this place out… RIGHT NOW!! Hope its DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

    ill let ya know! :D

  5. Henry’s Tacos: the worst tacos i’ve ever tasted. The meat tastes like they’re made with those taco seasoning packets you buy at the supermarket. No.