Recap: Star Wars Themed Art Show ~ Presented by Deadmundo and Sketch




This past Friday January 25th, Deadmundo and Sketch put on a Star Wars themed art show for one night only in the city of Los Angeles. All photographs by Desilu Munoz.

star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-39star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-2 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-10 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-12 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-16 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-21 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-25 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-34 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-36 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-38 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-43 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-49 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-52 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-54 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-56 star-wars-art-desilu-munoz-60


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Comments (3) to “Recap: Star Wars Themed Art Show ~ Presented by Deadmundo and Sketch”

  1. Great eye Munoz. Your realy doing the Openings justice, really capturing the moment.

  2. Sketch is a turd….

  3. ^ lols! Great job guys!