RETNA / RISK Heal the Bay House ~ Santa Monica

UPDATE: Per a tweet from the artist, the city of Santa Monica has levied a $5,000 daily fine against the mural. Will it be taken down tomorrow?

UPDATE 2 9/13: The Mural is still up, and attorneys from Heal the Bay are attempting to work with City Officials to keep it up through the 9/17 goal. Whatever happens, the impact of the mural has been big, as people from all over the city have visited, or at least seen it online.

Update 3 9/14: RISK just tweeted: “The people have spoken, looks like the mural will stay up until coastal clean up day on the 17th as planned!!! Thank everyone who stood up!!”

A beautiful and mysterious structure has risen on the border with Brentwood in Santa Monica on Berkeley street. A stunning array of RISK color washes over the house like a psychedelic sunset over the sea, while the cryptic typography of RETNA spells out a message of hope and vigilance for the oceans. Sponsored by Heal the Bay, the mural is in the middle of a residential area of Santa Monica and stands like a beacon of wild creativity and passion, enticing neighbors to come out and take a look and stopping stroller-pushing moms in their tracks. Channel 5’s Gayle Anderson made the scene, as did a coterie of artists, photographers, Heal the Bay activists, kids, and art lovers.

It’s interesting to note that in the same neighborhood, another house made waves in the art and architecture world in the late 70’s. Frank Gehry’s first deconstructed house, and formerly his personal residence, is at 1002 22nd St. The RETNA / RISK house is at 825 Berkeley Street.

Click the pix for x-large versions. More information about the project is here.

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Comments (5) to “RETNA / RISK Heal the Bay House ~ Santa Monica”

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  2. […] Bigger surprise: The city of Santa Monica levied a $5,000-a-day fine against the mural. (L.A. Taco) […]

  3. That looks like Kryptonian writing. Is Kal-El living in L.A?

  4. Still up tonight, the homeowner was out front. He’s hired private security guards to watch the property.

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