SABER Takes to the Skies to Protest Mural Moratorium ~ Downtown LA

In an unprecedented show of aerial force, LA Artist SABER bombarded Downtown Los Angeles today with skywriting jets to protest the city’s mural moratorium. SABER is no stranger to big statements; in 1997 the artist executed the world’s largest graffiti piece on the concrete bank of the LA river. His latest target is City Hall and the unconstitutional mural moratorium that has been force for several years. Los Angeles, The Mural Capital of the World, has been able to find massive amounts of public space for corporate advertisements, but not for works of art. The city spends more than $10,000,000+ on graffiti abatement programs, but none on mural programs that divert young artist to legal walls to display their art. Existing murals are crumbling and the city’s best artists are forced to go to Europe and other US cities to display their largest and best works.

SABER’s personal act of skyward rebellion is a call to arms for the city’s artists and art lovers. What are you doing to fight the city’s war on public art? One thing everyone can do right now is sign the petition.


Videos by Ashley Lund,









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Comments (9) to “SABER Takes to the Skies to Protest Mural Moratorium ~ Downtown LA”

  1. WORD UP!!!

  2. What day did he do this on?

  3. This was today.

    Saber so Nasty!

  4. That’s dope…

  5. […] “unconstitutional moratorium” on murals, well-known street artist SABER paid skywriters to tag the firmament over City Hall with the noms de graffiti of several notable street artists in hopes of raising awareness of the […]

  6. Yes, we should let people destroy the city and spray paint anywhere they want, and ignore all property laws.

  7. […] of sanctioning huge billboards for ads while prohibiting large-and-small-scale murals. According to, the campaign is an effort to get more people to sign a petition ending the mural moratorium. As […]

  8. @johndoe You make it seem as if graffiti is the filth of the city, but really it’s not it’s what pretty much makes Los Angeles LA. It’s part of the culture, the kids who grew up there and others that were lured into it. It’s an art an addiction, a passion, a way to kill time, a form of expression. The city could care less about your fucking property because in fact they could just take it away with Eminent Domain. So instead of focusing on things like this I think you should be more concerned about the power of our government and the limitation of our birth given rights. This is a great way to fight the power, we need to keep the government at bay because we are the ones they work for, it shouldn’t be the other way around.

  9. I agree. Let’s end mural moratorium in LA, the capital of murals. I Love LA, I love the arts of LA.