Street Working ~ Ramiro Gomez Jr.

Ramiro Gomez Jr. lives between two worlds– West and East LA. Work and Life. His 3D paintings, placed on location, explore others who live the same way.

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Comments (4) to “Street Working ~ Ramiro Gomez Jr.”

  1. Do you have an email for this artist?

    He is fab!

  2. Hello my name is Fidel Gomez, I am the Artistic Director of a theater group called The Vault. We’ve been asked to create a site specific performance for an upcoming festival called Meetme@the metro. I came across Ramiro Gomez Jr’s art work while researching this piece and I would love to contact him regarding a collaboration for the upcoming festival. If you have his email or any other contact information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for you time.

    -Fidel Gomez

  3. Love to purchase a painting if available. Please forward to Ramiro

  4. […] Monopoly utility box paste-ups and that Banksy on Little Santa Monica being notable exceptions. Ramiro Gomez Jr. has been active in the city for awhile now, his latest hand-painted cardboard installation, Star […]