“Sub Par” Obama Street Art ~ Santa Monica


Santa Monica voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and his approval rating among Democrats remains high at 82%. That hasn’t stopped one unknown artist in the Santa Monica area from putting up the above posters declaring the President’s job performance (or golf game) to be “SUB PAR”.


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Comments (18) to ““Sub Par” Obama Street Art ~ Santa Monica”

  1. That’s one of the best right wing artist I know: SABO!


  3. Brilliant statement and right in the belly of the beast!

  4. Santa Monica, think on your sins. Sabo will guide you to deliverance.


  6. Looks like the whole neighbor around the Riviera Country Club which is hosting a PGA tournament this week was hit.

  7. Is this Shepard Fairey work ?????

  8. A lot like Bansky’s art in Great Britain.
    Really like it and like where it’s going, hopefully it helps others to come out with some more anti-Obama works of art.

  9. Excellent!! So happy for you FREEDOM LOVERS. Obama is a TOTALITARIAN elitist – and I’ve heard he’s got NO GAME! SUBPAR!

  10. “Subpar” would colloquially be understood to mean inadequate or unsatisfactory. However, in golf, “par” is the number of strokes to the ball with a club from tee to cup at all holes. On most 18 hole courses the par is 72, my game is about 7 over par (I average 79 strokes to complete 18 holes). If I was playing below par (“subpar”) I’d be doing better, getting from tee to cup with fewer strokes than design required.

  11. Priceless! Of course, the Proles in the Democratic Republik of Santa Monika Kalifornia will never appreciate it but we can dream. How long does this joker have left. Oh wait, Hillary will be in there next so we’re still f&*#ed.

  12. OK, people hold your breath ….. we are waiting for the first troll to claim this is the work of a Racist!

    “SUB PAR”

  13. People (even diehard democrats) are starting to wake up to just how bad a President obama is. Would have happened much sooner if the media had ever bothered vetting him or questioned anything he does. Glad to see a little light of hope in my now ultra-liberal home town…

  14. So over the Obama era and yes I’m a Californian….

  15. Raul, if you play golf, and Obama does, then you would know that sub-par means you have a score higher than par! Analyze this.

  16. When you find out who it is can you please let me know. I want to donate money to this person/group so they will post these in my city.

  17. Referring to Hussein Obama Soebarkah as “subpar” is a great insult to the term and to all people who fit its description! He’s far below subpar, at best.

  18. As an artist, I find it good work visually. However, the style appears to have been taken from other’s work. Also. The text “Sub Par” which appears to be clever at first, sends a mixed message. Is it above or below average. Frankly, as I saw it driving past the sight of that golf tournament, I thought it referred to Tiger Woods’ participation in that venue. So, as guerrilla art it is not successful.

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