Taco Holder

taco Holder

I ordered 3 Taco Holders on a whim a few months ago. I was SO happy with them, I just ordered 10 more to put in X-mas stockings this year. My grown kids and their kids will love them just as much as I do. — So says Diane from this website. It appears that this is the only product the company sells.

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Comments (30) to “Taco Holder”

  1. Ha, Ha, that’s gotta be the stupidest thing ever! How hard can it be to hold your tasteless taco shell for a minute or two while you pile it on with Kraft Cheez? What a bunch of lazy mocosos…

  2. do you think someone actually made these specifically for taco holders or was it some industrial part made in china already and it got adapted?

  3. I am the inventor of the Taco Tender. I hold the patent. It was designed for this purpose, and it works very well.

    Thanks Juan for the kind comments.

  4. I could see these being used at taco stands like those ice cream holders at ice cream stands.

  5. Looks like your cash cow has gone to the grand taqueria in the sky Mr. Dave Lyon, as these mofos have topped your crap idea:
    They’ve gone and integrated the motherfuckin’ taco holder into the motherfuckin’ plate! Taco Tender ain’t nothing but a taco bitch..

  6. […] Tacos That Stand Up Looks like the taco holder people are about to go tits-up. Old El Paso has now created tacos that stand up, all on their own. How fun those must be to eat with their big old lateral section across the bottom. Now your mouth and belly can hurt at the same time! Progress, amigos. […]

  7. Your web site doesn’t say how to order this Taco Holder. This link does not work.


  8. I’d say by their comments that El Chavo and Taco are just a couple of losers that are jealous of someone actually doing something with their life.
    As the old saying goes “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.”

  9. Sorry to those of you that have tried to find my old site. I no longer handle retail sales myself. It’s just too much work. You can buy just a few at http://www.jrobsales.com or, if you need 50 or more check out http://www.tacotender.com

  10. I have to say that I agree with Dale. El Chavo and Taco- are idiots… because it isn’t the “laziness” of not wanting to hold the taco and stuff it… it’s the sheer “convenience” of being able to stuff a bunch at a time and eat them. I think that its absolutely a genious invention and these idiots are jealous that they didn’t come up with it first!

  11. Yup! We’re idiots and losers who are not doing anything with our lives and are totally, insanely jealous of Mr. Lyons’ pro-activity and success. I don’t even remember anyone from TACO doing anything but supporting the proudct, but nonetheless….Confound you Mr. Taco Holder inventor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. today we salute you, mr. taco holder inventor.

    when conventional wisdom said no one could make the taco experience better, you dared to dream.

    you knew the potential of your hand, and you ignored it.

    you made a three taco holder, and people cheered

    but you weren’t satisfied. you said, “wait, i think i can still give more.”

    and so the Taco-Mex Plate was born. so dame dos de asada mr. taco holder hero, because you gave every one of us our fondest wish: no more messy tacos…

  13. The Taco Tender is alive and well. :) I’ve signed a contract with a marketing company. Look for it in stores in about a year.

  14. I think this taco holder is a brillant idea!! When you are making tacos for the family the most difficult thing is to have the lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, spanish rice, black beans etc. stay in the shell until you put on the sauce and serve!!

    I love the invention!!

  15. Brilliant. Simple design, great function. Just ordered myself four. Can’t wait to christen them!

  16. […] when we first wrote about the “Taco Tender”, a piece of plastic designed to hold hard-shell tacos, in October of […]

  17. This is so wrong!!!

    Let the TACO’s fall onto one another other and let the flavor coincide…

    This is just as bad as the
    Sleepin’ Mexican taking a siesta on Mexican Restaurant window art.

  18. Wow – just what I’ve been looking for!
    I run a small cafe and often offer dinner specials. It’s a pain to try to load two or three tacos at once… and a waste of expensive time to do one at a time. I’ve seen ceramic ones, but can’t use that stuff in a production line setting. Thanks – I’ll be looking to buy these!

  19. My mother had some of these from Tupperware when I was growing up and I decided that I wanted some myself. It is nice to have several made on your plate at dinner. What a great product you have here! Adding my 2 cents, I think it is incredibly lame that people find it necessary to criticize someone else’s invention. If you don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT! Stop trashing someone else’s livelihood with your uneducated opinions. No one’s opinions are “WRONG” Claudia, they are just opinions. Maybe you should consider keeping yours to yourself!

    Great Product! :)

  20. Mi Amigos,

    If all you do pile in your fillings and eat it, you are having a cold taco. A taco without melting the cheese is a Taco Salad in a shell.

    For the latest in Taco Preparation,Cooking and Serving Technology visit http://www.TacoRack.com

    Grilled or Tailgate Tacos are possible now!

    Stop bye and “Say hello to my little friend, Miguel”!

    Hasta La Vista
    Viva La Taco Rack

  21. Nicolas!
    The website you posted is not working…do you have any other address?

    Dave Lyon,
    I hope you are doing well and I am glad for you for making an idea happen.
    Is there any contact email to reach you? I would like to discuss couple of ideas.

  22. I’m still kickin’ :)
    http://www.tacotender.com still works.. If you’re having trouble getting hold of me, try my other website. http://www.lctproducts.com

  23. I have been wondering and looking in stores and wishing for taco holders forever, I cant wait to get some. El chavo is probably a lazy fat ass who doesnt even own a table to eat at and wolfs his tacos down while hovering over the kitchen stove letting it all fall back in the pan I can see it now.

  24. I just purchased one of these from Amazon.com for $6.99 with Free 2 day shipping, since I have a PRIME membership.

    Here’s a direct link (or just type in taco tender when you visit amazon.com):


    Hopefully it works just as well as described. It’s really annoying having tacos fall over in a bowl/plate, so this should solve that problem. Thanks.

  25. Taco Holders can be found at Material-Things for $2.99 each.

    They make great gifts for the holidays.

    They are designed to hold 3 tacos upright for easy filling and eating. They are dishwasher safe, microwaveable and stack easily for storage. Best of all, they are unbreakable. They work great with any size taco shell, even soft shells! They fit right on your plate so there is no mess. The Taco Tender has a wide stable base. No more spilled tacos. Great for children or Mom can fill all the tacos she needs at one time.

    Wholesale prices available for retail stores, craft fairs, flee markets, restaurants & fundraisers.

    Contact me if you have any questions.

    Thank you
    Material Things

  26. It’s not EATING the taco that’s difficult, it’s HEATING it with all the ingredients inside and having them remain inside that’s my dilemma. However, today I discovered an oven safe ceramic taco cooker, so I can stand my tacos in the oven and have the cheese melt into taco heaven with no problem. ta da :)

  27. Just had to comment in reply to “El Chavo”‘s Oct. 20th ’06 ignorant comment of these holders being “stupid” and for “lazy people.” What an idiot this “El Chavo” is! Hello, taco holders are not out there for “lazy” people! The product serves a purpose, to keep the taco upright while on the plate so it doesn’t fall over and the filling doesn’t spill out! In case “El Chavo” didn’t know, tacos cannot stand upright alone on a plate.

  28. i think this is cool when i try to make more then one taco its hard to keep all the things u add in a taco to not fall of when u put it on the plate i think this is cool

  29. Where do you order the taco tender you all write about on this site. My son and I have been looking for one of these because we like to melt our cheese in our taco in the mic. Thanks for your help.

  30. just came across this and thought I would pass on a promotion code that can be entered at the taco tender website

    enter arriba as the promotional code and get 15% off all orders