Taco Madness 2009 ~ The Finals ~ Yuca’s vs. Tacos Por Favor


So it’s come down to this, a battle between two neighborhood favorites– Los Feliz’s Yuca’s and Santa Monica’s Tacos Por Favor. Both family-owned, both with a loyal local clientele who voted for them from the very beginning and powered them through to the end.

Solid choices who probably don’t rank on taco hounds “best of all time” list, but that feed the need, have the right vibe, and have established themselves as neighborhood go-to taco joints with charm and quality eats. There’s been some confusion about this competition from the start– is it a “best taco” tournament? Did some of the best places in town go down too early? Did some not make the list at all? We don’t have all the answers, but it’s best to think of this as a “favorite taco” tournament and not “greatest mind-blowing authentic tacos of all time” tournament.

Have fun and let the favorite taco shop win! Polls close at Midnight on Sunday

[poll id=”16″]

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Comments (32) to “Taco Madness 2009 ~ The Finals ~ Yuca’s vs. Tacos Por Favor”

  1. Yuca’s is high on my best-of list! Por Favor is great too.

  2. Yuca’s is high on my list too but not sure if way up there – have not tried por favor but hands down for me – Marielas!

  3. Again, can’t find the vote tab.


  5. Where all my yucca homies!!! come on outt!!! lets do this!!!

    YUCCAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Like I asked before, where’s the vote tab?

  7. I’m in SM so POR FAVOR is a regular taco spot for me. To be fair I needed to give YUCCA a try and made the trek. Oh my. The Carne Asada and Machaca were outstanding! YUCCA gets my vote.

  8. Hi..I voted for Yuca’s and my husband
    wanted to place his vote for Yuca’s too!
    but your website would not take a second
    vote from this computer. Not fair. We
    will try our other computer to get his
    vote to count…we have been going to
    Yuca’s forever and love them truly, madly

  9. Yey!!! Yuccas!

    >hey michael most likely you already voted and it wont allow you to vote again thts why the polls wont show> thats what im thinking???

  10. Yey!!! Yuccas!thanks carol!

    >hey michael most likely you already voted and it wont allow you to vote again thts why the polls wont show> thats what im thinking???

  11. I finally got to vote (no, I hadn’t voted in this round). I could not vote on my work computer (no tab), but I found a tab at home and voted for Yuca’s!

  12. Yuca’s is the best!

  13. never had taco por favor but i’m down with yucca’s

  14. Yuca’s never fails to please my craving for an authentic tasting taco!
    You can never beat the taste of home cooking. At Yuca’s they always make you feel like family. A combination that can’t be beat!!

  15. Hell yea! Yucca’s on a come back baby! wohooo

  16. So, where are all the votes? Maybe the voters are having the same issue I did: no ballot and vote tab.

  17. Life does not get better than a 40 and a taco and burrito in Yuca’s parking lot.

  18. Nobody Beats My Quality Meats!!!! (NOBODY)………….Eat More BEEF eat at YUCAS for all the Best food on the Planet..

  19. Yuca’s is it! No competition.

  20. Yuca’s the very best!

  21. This is a stupid contest. While both these places make excellent food, I would never say that their tacos were that great. Every truck in NELA beats these two based on tacos.

  22. Hi I just wanted to point out that
    YUCA’s won the very prestigious
    James Beard Regional Cooking Award
    for Mama’s wonderful tacos that she
    brought from Mexico…have already
    been acknowledged by a great American
    James Beard Association for great
    Regional Cooking. And all of us
    locals agree!
    Just come and try them…worth the drive
    as Diane wrote. And now YUCA’s has
    2 locations making us enjoy them more.
    Family Faves…Carol

  23. So where are all the voters?

  24. Michael what do you see on the screen below “polls close midnight on sunday”?

    do you see the results of the voting?

    If someone from your IP address has voted, you will only see the results.

    If you do not see the results at all, please let us know what browser/system you are using.

  25. Would like to respond to the connoisseur who thinks eating chihuahua from a roach coach is comperable to Yuca’s……..

    I have been eating at Yuca’s for more than 35 years. You could say I grew up on Mama Yuca’s and Dora’s fine cooking. The Carne Asada ordered fresh from a local (top secret) butcher is out of this world! Love this family and their cooking!
    Love Always

  26. Sorry to be confusing, Erich. I see it all now. In the final 4, TPF got 1,003 votes and KT got 557; Yuca’s got 474 and Kogi got 402. So far, it’s Yuca’s at 289 and TPF at 163. It seems like there’s some voter fatigue, or maybe they are all out eating and not voting. Go Yuca’s.

  27. Yuca may limit their Food 4 Thought to the fourth Friday of the month, but their tacos are food for the soul six days a week! I don’t think Campbells can copyright a feeling but with all due respect…Yuca’s is um..um..good! Go Yuca!!!!!!

  28. Hands down victory for Yuca’s. No contest. East side wins!

  29. I hope this won’t be a deal where TPF stuffs the ballot box at 11:55 p.m.

  30. Mama and Doras Tacos etc are made with
    love. They have always made my son and I feel at home. I’ve been going there since the 12th grade Class of ’75. Every taco
    has been excellent!

  31. Yes Yes Yes ! None better than La Familia Herrera’s Tacos de Carne Asada! Ready to order..just a phone call away!!
    Yuca’s awaits…going there right now to pick up my treat!( First food we sampled in Los Feliz when we moved there 15 years ago!)
    Judie Greg Julia & WIlke

  32. Yuca’s the best taco and burrito in L.A., greetings to MamaYuca & Dora