Taco Madness 2010 ~ LA’s Favorite Taco

At long last, the moment LA’s taco heads have been waiting for. After sifting through hundreds of suggestions from readers, we’ve whittled our list down to 32 of the best tacos in LA, and seeded them into 4 regional brackets. If your favorite taco didn’t make the cut, there’s always next year. Round 1 voting starts today and lasts all week. Let the games begin!!!!!


It’s all come down to this. La Estrella vs. last year’s winner, Yuca’s. Have fun, kids.

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Congratulations to all the taco spots that made it to the final four. Representing something close to the 4 corners of the LA Taco Lifestyle, they are all worthy competitors. Voting is open for the rest of the week, so tell your friends!

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Comments (53) to “Taco Madness 2010 ~ LA’s Favorite Taco”

  1. There was a slight mistake in the Central bracket which has been updated.

  2. TACO ZONE!!!!

  3. Could you link to these places so we could try them?

  4. Great idea, we will do that now.

  5. […] friends over at LaTaco.com have finally put up their brackets for Taco Madness 2010. They have whittled it down to 32 of the […]

  6. […] friends over at LaTaco.com have finally put up their brackets for Taco Madness 2010. They have whittled it down to 32 of the […]

  7. […] friends over at LaTaco.com have finally put up their brackets for Taco Madness 2010. They have whittled it down to 32 of the […]

  8. I’m going to throw a John McCain and consider packing up ’til next year if Por Favor beats Huarache…okay I won’t, but grrrr…Love the chile rellenos at Por Favor though I do.

  9. […] here’s the first round of this year’s quest to decide LA’s Favorite Taco on Taco Madness. Round 1 is the West side. Head over and place your […]

  10. umm… do taco trucks count? cuz I dont see El Matador and im kind of freaking out about it.. El Matador and Taco Zone are like the best tacos in the world… wtf, mate?

  11. Where is tacos gavilan?? Why does this form seem broken and missing places on the chart. Also see buttons with no tacos places next to it. Is it just me?

  12. Fixes. Tacos gavilan is up tomorrow

  13. taco madness never gets old

  14. […] Competition begins HERE. category: Events, […]

  15. […] fans are huddled around the TV watching Michigan State and Tennessee, I’m more intersted in Taco Madness 2010.  You can vote for your favorite taco in LA in a bracket-style […]

  16. this is AWESOME! but, unless im not seeing, what happened to Tacos Mexico?

  17. How can El Taurino on 11th & Hoover not be included in this bracket?

  18. el taurino was on last years i think… which cactus? vine or beverly? beverly>vine. and tacos mexico on broadway fuck yea! carnitas michoacan on soto and broadway… shrimp taco truck on olympic that has fucking EXPLODED. el taco llama in the valley… and there’s good spots in reseda but dont remember the name

  19. All 8 are very good. If I had to rank them, Estrella would be #1 followed by king taco, rickies, tbe, and then the rest.

  20. I think my 3 favorites are out of the running. El Actor, Taco Zone, & Arizas. There’s also a few that I haven’t tried or might not know them by name if I have. Gotta hit the final few up and peep the biz!

  21. When was the 2nd Round!? How the fuck did TacoZone lose!? They’re the best!

  22. Wow, all four #1 seeds making it. The seeding committee knew what they were doing!

  23. this is a great final four… the only problem i have with it is that TACO ZONE is waaay better than la estrella. I mean la estrella is good but ?! and I think King Taco only beats Yuca’s because of the crack-like addicting verde salsa they have at king taco… man, i need a taco…

  24. utter and complete bullshit. NOBODY could eat a Yuca’s and Ricky’s taco in the same sitting and declare yuca’s the winner. yuca’s is a half-notch above baja fresh. this is an outrage.

  25. whoa whoa whoa… hang on there buddy, I”m not gonna argue Yuca’s vs. Ricky’s cuz I havent had Ricky’s but PLEASE for the love of TACOGOD do not compare Yuca’s to baja fresh… that just not cool. half notch?! they’re not even on the same anything!

  26. how can Yuca’s be losing to King Taco?

  27. King Taco’s hot sauce

    Yuca’s tacos have no salsa , can be a little dry. I prefer the burritos at yuca’s

  28. I’m sorry, but yuca’s is the mexican equivalent of pink’s hot dogs. i have no personal beef with them, i have eaten there many, many times because it is convenient for me. i actually like their burgers and tortas. but tacos? come on. i would take ANY of the other places on the bracket, with the exception of maybe kogi and cactus, before yuca’s.
    and to double-down, i would argue that baja fresh’s salsa selection might actually give it an edge over yuca’s.

  29. do taco trucks count or are they in a different area?

  30. When I order a Taco I expect to get a Taco made with TLC (tender loving care).Putting Salsa in a Taco would be
    like adding Sour Cream and Chives on Apple Pie.
    Good luck Yucas Taco!!!
    See tou soon Nordie

  31. I saw The Budda eating at Yuca’s. If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me.

  32. I love Yuca’s for cochinita pibil, but all of their tacos seem to succeed on the strength of large amounts of butter like many upscale restaurants. La Estrella has my backing now that Huarache is out.

  33. I am going to eat at both Yuca’s and La Estrella this week before voting. Both are good.

  34. Yucas’s is real-deal-Holyfield. NWIH (No way in hell) should someone say their tacos are weak like a Pink’s hotdogs. Pinks bite. Yuca’s asada— no parallel. Go Dora and Mama.

  35. Yuca’s? Really? La Estrella and King Taco are my top 2! I can’t believe Tito’s Tacos won over Taco Zone! That’s inconcivable!

  36. Yucca serves hot dogs and Hamburgers for chrissakes! And not one single veggie option. It’s westside location is its only reason for success. If they were at cinco puntos they wouldn’t have even made the second round.

    I’m voting La Estrella. But then again, I eat there every week and am very biased.

  37. And who knew Hadley was such a taco connoisseur? Very knowledgeable for a guy from Oklahoma.

  38. […] La Estrella needs our help to make them the winner of LA Taco’s “Taco Madness 2010.” As of this post they are nearly 100 votes behind the Westside’s Yuca’s Tacos, […]

  39. Whoops. Wrong Hadley. Sorry. Turns out there are more than 2 in LA.

  40. I still dont understand how Taco Zone lost! and I say again, where is El Matador?! If the finals was Taco Zone vs El Matador I wouldnt be able to vote, it’d be way to hard.
    doesnt anyone remember this? http://www.lataco.com/top-ten-tacos-taco-truck-edition

  41. TACOS POR FAVOR! their chorizo-cheese tacos are everything a taco should be.

  42. I haven’t been to either of the top two, but I am going to go to both. Thank you Taco Madness!

  43. Thanks Walt! Yes, there are two Hadleys in this city and both of us are editors in similar areas, leading to lots of confusion. He seems to get better invites, as far as our switched mail says. I voted La Estrella myself. And Taco Zone never really did it for me, so I get that. Por Favor, I like their chile rellenos much more than their tacos. May the best democratically elected taco win now, both deserve to be there.

  44. estrella tacos representtt

  45. what about El Taco Nazo? and uhm, El Taurino???

  46. I vote for La Estrella – best tacos in L.A.! How do I cast my ballot?

  47. how the fuck did tito’s beat taco zone !!!!1 bullshit!!!!!!!!

  48. ACK! I want to vote for La Estrella, but I don’t see where I can vote on the page. La Estrella is the best, and I want my vote to count!

  49. Voting is still open, it should work. If it isn’t available it might mean someone already voted from that computer.

  50. I would love to enter this competition how and when can I enter? I know I have what I takes to take this competition all the way. Check out my web site and see our customer comments.

  51. OMG you people cannot be SERIOUS for a) not including Kike’s Tacos on 2nd and Beaudry and b) actually placing TITO’S in this bracket. I am disgusted.

  52. gooooooo vote for marisco jalisco please cmon vote for marisco jalisco:)!!

  53. cmon marisco jalisco!!!!!!!