The Internet Adventures of Taco Man

When L.A. Taco started in 2006, we were gifted an original work of art by a friend of a friend. Taco Man (above) instantly became our mascot. The character resonated around the web and he’s been seen all over the world, online and off. People have added to his legend, giving him interesting features such as a winking eye, new shoes, animation etc. There have been reports of a taco shop in Utah using his images although no proof has been seen. Keep scrolling to take a trip through Taco Man’s world, and if you’ve seen any taco men out there we missed, please post a link in the comments…



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Comments (1) to “The Internet Adventures of Taco Man”

  1. Speaking of graphics, I’m still waiting for that LATACO sports logo (the Olympique Lyonnais take-off) t-shirt!