What if Los Angeles Had Narrow Streets?

Virgil and Sunset

Did you ever stroll the ancient alleyways of Rome, Madrid, or Paris and wonder what Los Angeles would look like with narrower streets? No? Well luckily for you, David Yoon has. And he’s created dozens of examples on his site, Narrow Streets: Los Angeles. Check them all out, a few choice examples above and below. Via the excellent site MagicalUrbanism.com.

Pico & Westwood

Sunset & Echo Park

Grand & 22

PCH in Santa Monica

6th and Spring

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Comments (3) to “What if Los Angeles Had Narrow Streets?”

  1. What does LA look like with narrower streets?

    San Francisco.

  2. wow, cool photos

  3. […] Inter­est­ing ideas con­nect to and remind us of other con­cepts: for me, Christo­pher Alexander’s A Pat­tern Lan­guage which dis­cusses how humans respond to archi­tec­tural and urban space, and the much more recent pho­to­graphic explo­rations by David Yoon, who won­ders what Los Ange­les would be like if the city was built for human beings, not for cars. […]