The carne asada is soft and buttery with a light sheen of grease that soaks into the tortillas.

Out of all the taco trucks in the area Tacos “El Yu” seems to have the greasy taco truck taco with spicy chile salsa concept down. The tacos come piping hot lathered in grilled onions and the salsa bar is equipped with all the fixins you could ask for including a pico de gallo and three other salsas (roja, verse, avocado).

The spot is a prime location for a taco truck. It’s right off the 10 at Normandie in the lot of a Chevron Gas Station that is no longer in service.. The gas station serves as a parking lot for the taco patrons, who look like they know a good taco when they see it. There’s a steady flow of business both by foot and by automobile. Read the complete review.

(part 19 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)