The city of Los Angeles and much of the surrounding area loves their Lakers.  They bleed purple and gold and want nothing less of a repeat as World Champions.  However, when Phil Jackson was asked what he thought of The Suns changing their jerseys to “Los Suns” to show their support and voice their opposition to the new law in Arizona, he had this to say:

“Am I crazy, or am I the only one that heard when the legislators said that `we just took United States immigration law and adapted it to our state?” – Phil Jackson.

Now as the Western Conference Finals kick off and The Suns visit LA tonight for Game 1; immigration protesters will be out in force during the game outside Staples Center.  Not because they are down on their Laker’s; but because they would like an explanation on Phil’s choice of words.

“We want to make sure that Phil Jackson understands that a lot of his fans are Latino and immigrant in Los Angeles,” protest organizer Jason Zepeda told KTLA.

“We are not happy with the position that Phil Jackson took,” Nativo Lopez, the president of the Mexican American Political Association, said. “We want to call on Jackson and the Lakers to put on their Los Lakers jerseys, especially considering the tremendous support that the Lakers have enjoyed from the communities specifically targeted by the misguided and racist Arizona law.”

There’s already enough excitement surrounding the game, but the politics have added an element of intrigue.  It’ll be interesting to see what transpires tonight.  Go Lakers!