Win the Rave! ~ Wears House Giveaway

We previously told you about how Daedelus and Dome of Doom are bringing rave back, with the incredible mixtape “Wears House,” which comes out TODAY. We’ve partnered with Dome of Doom to give away 5 bundles which include the tape, the digital downloads, plus the ’98 Jungle Mix (Where the Day Takes You).

Entering the giveaway is very simple– repost this message on whatever social platform you prefer, but answer the questions: Where were You in ’92? There is no right answer, including answers from those who weren’t born yet, but we want to hear from all the old-school ravers and all the kids who just discovered this music. Make sure to tag @DomeofDoom so they see your entry.

We’ll pick five random winners and announce them next week! Can’t wait? Buy the tape here.

More Info on Wears House:

Side A (39:25): ‘Revisionist Rave’ is the fevered sounds of 90’s dance, flipped and crossfaded immaculately by Daedelus into a 40 minute mix of audio ecstasy. Sounds sourced entirely through field recordings at raves!

Side B (39:25): ‘Future Past’ is breakbeat jungle from then and now with an ear towards unusual blends. Daedelus takes you on a sprawling journey through Drum & Bass’ rhythms accentuated with wild dubs and originals.

This tape is dedicated to all those who’ve changed the course of a life by giving us a reason to dance. For me this was as an awkward youth of tender age in Los Angeles confounded by prevailing airwaves and just getting hints at the tidal wave of electronics to come. Artist such as Acen, Ray Keith, Altern8, Manix!, Bay B Kane, and countless others. However my obsession doesn’t remain in the back then. 1st mixtape appearance was in 1998 and now nearly 20 years later here is a 2nd installment. Wears House is filled with those artist mentioned and much more, utilizing field recordings directly from raves where this music was played loud and thousands would be together alone in motion.

Particular thanks to R.A.W. aka 6blocc, Vitamin D, Dj Fury, The Panacea, Jabari Mayes, Phthalocyanine, Jef Landis, Johnlukeirl, and Holly; Wears House exists because of their shared passion.

More info and Purchase here.